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Wilder vs Stiverne rematch: Yes Bermane, you were rocked a few times

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In their first encounter in January 2015, Deontay Wilder cruised to a lopsided decision win over Bermane Stiverne in a battle of top heavyweights.

Nearly three years later, Stiverne remains the only Wilder foe, of 39, to have gone the distance with the WBC champ.

And on November 4, the pair will meet in a rematch. And once again, Bermane is talking smack.

"(Wilder doesn't want the rematch) because he is scared of me," Stiverne recently told BoxingScene.com.

"He knows what's up. Everything he gave me I ate it like breakfast."

No Bermane, you didn't eat his punches like breakfast. The fight was competitive and you exhibited tremendous durability, but you were clearly rocked on several occasions.

Round 2

In the closing seconds of Round 2, Stiverne was clearly stunned by a Wilder assault that sent him to canvas. In fact, Wilder and the referee were floored as well as Bermane grabbed anything he could to stay upright. It wasn't ruled a knockdown but should have. Fortunately for Stiverne, who was clearly hurt, the round would immediately come to a close.

Round 5
Wilder stopped an onrushing Bermane in his tracks and battered Stiverne, who appeared to be on queer street, with hard powershots. While Stiverne wasn't terribly hurt, it was evident Deontay more than got his attention.


Wilder vs Stiverne 2 (stories) 
November 4, 2017

9PM ET Eastern Time / 6PM PT
Barclays Center, NYC

Division: Heavyweight
Title: WBC
Champion: Wilder


Round 7
Wilder landed a hard right flush that buckled Stiverne's knees and sent him falling into the ropes. Deontay, again, tried to close the show but Stiverne was too resilient. Later in the round, Bermane, still impacted by the earlier shots, would stagger badly into the ropes after missing a wild punch, almost falling down.

Make no mistake
Bermane Stiverne fought like a warrior that evening. He absorbed some wicked shots and weather the storm each time. Moreover, he unleashed some nasty offensives himself. However, while Stiverne demonstrated true heart and a gritty beard, Wilder's powerstuff, along with his high activity rate, was certainly what won him the fight.

For the rematch, Stiverne is going to have to be in great shape to withstand Wilder's stinging shots. And if he thinks he's going to walk through Deontay's punches, he's going to sleep... early.

Perhaps Stiverne, in all the excitement in the first fight, has forgotten how hard Deontay punches? If so, rest-assured, Wilder will remind him come November 4.


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