Wilder vs Stiverne: If looks could kill...

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It's often said that a picture is worth a thousand words.

If the time honored adage is indeed accurate, then the attached video of yesterday's face-off between WBC Heavyweight Champion Bermane Stiverne and undefeated knock-out artist Deontay Wilder should be worth at least a few million.

The "stare down that launched a thousand punches" was easily the highlight of the "Stiverne vs. Wilder" final press conference, promoting Saturday night's main event at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Before the two fearless Heavyweights stared each other down and concluded the media laced ceremony, here are some excerpts from the vibrant Wilder vs Stiverne presser:

BERMANE STIVERNE, WBC Heavyweight Champion

"It's going to be a real fight, a fight like you've never seen before. I'm no cab driver, I'm no one-hit wonder, this is the real deal. This belt here isn't going anywhere. This green belt is staying right here in this green hotel."

"There's something about Deontay ....I'm gonna keep his record clean, because he isn't getting past four rounds. This is a real fight and this belt is staying right here in my home town. You're going to get hurt, the worst thing you did was have me take you seriously, and I'm taking you seriously."

"This is going to be a terrific fight. After this fight you will never, ever hear about Deontay Wilder."

DEONTAY WILDER, Unbeaten No. 1 WBC Mandatory Contender

"I know everyone has been speaking for you, Bermane, but they can't fight for you. They can only make it worse for you. They have made it worse for you. You don't understand what type of man you're about to get in the ring with."

"You've only been champion for a short period of time but you walk around like it's been a long time. You're only a tourist to that belt.''

Although both fighters took turn trading verbal shots during their personal time in front of the podium, their heated banter didn't quite have the same resounding affect as the final stare down in front of the media members at the MGM Grand.

If Wilder vs Stiverne is anywhere near as volatile as the official face-off, Saturday night's main event for Stiverne's WBC Heavyweight title could be one for the ages!!


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