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Wilder vs Stiverne 2 prediction: Why it's a KO this time

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Here we are again.

Nearly three years later, Deontay Wilder and Bermane Stiverne will cross paths in the ring.

But things are different this time around. Wilder is the champion and Stiverne, who was a red hot belt-holder entering their first fight, is a massive question mark now.

Now 39, Bermane, Stiverne has fought only once since his January 2015 loss to Wilder. And even then, he struggled to earn a 10 round unanimous decision over journeyman Derric Rossy after being floored in the opening round.

Bermane is a heck of a fighter but unless he's improved significantly since January 2015 or manages to capitalize on a terrible Wilder mistake, there's absolutely nothing to suggest he will win this fight or be as competitive as he was in the first.

In fact, it's hard to see it going the distance despite Stiverne's big heart and durability.

Wilder's advantages

Ring activity: Wilder, despite being hampered by two injuries, has fought 5 times since their first bout while Stiverne only once. This means Deontay will likely be more coordinated, as it relates to his timing and rhythm, and in better condition.

Reach: Look for Wilder to use his 6 inch reach advantage to good effect.

Punching power: Simply put, Wilder has more on his punch than Bermane, especially in his right hand. He's your quintessential one-punch knockout artist.

Footwork/Mobility: As he did in their first bout, look for Wilder to use his more educated feet to move in and out of range effectively, while working behind jabs and feints.

Speed: Bermane is quick for his size but Wilder is quicker. Not only are his hands and feet faster, he has quicker all-around reflexes.

Long and mid-range: Because of his height, reach, speed and footwork advantages, it's only natural Deontay will have the edge at long and mid-range.


Wilder vs Stiverne 2 (stories) 
November 4, 2017

9PM ET Eastern Time / 6PM PT
Barclays Center, NYC

Division: Heavyweight
Title: WBC
Champion: Wilder


Overall Style/ Influencing judging: Bermane, even as an active fighter, wasn't a volume puncher and sometimes suffered from periods of punch inactivity. Given the fact he hasn't been active in the ring lately plus Deontay's superior technical proficiency, he's not going to box his way to a decision win. That's not happening.

Wilder vs Stiverne I: Deontay also will also have a psychological edge, knowing he's not only defeated Stiverne before but him hurt a few times.

Age: Wilder is 32 and Stiverne 39. If not for Stiverne's lack of activity, age might not be a factor. After all, Bermane is a well-preserved 39 and a heavyweight. However, given Stiverne is pushing 40 AND has fought just once in 3 years, age is to Wilder's advantage.

Intangible: In their first fight, Wilder broke his right hand in Round 4 or 5 yet still got Stiverne in trouble a few times afterwards. If Wilder's hands hold up this time, Bermane's dim chance to win gets even dimmer.

Wilder vs Stiverne prediction: TKO 7 by Wilder

Few fighters today are as tough as Stiverne and we'll see a better version of Bermane than we did against Rosey. However, Bermane is outgunned more so now than in the first fight. In some ways, don't be surprised if Wilder vs Stiverne 2 resembles last night's heavyweight championship bout between Anthony Joshua and Carlos Takam.

Look for Wilder to explode in the middle rounds, hurt Stiverne and force the referee to stop the contest.

Share your Wilder vs Stiverne 2 prediction below.


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