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Wilder vs Ortiz I: No controversy in 20 second delay

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Heavyweight contender Luis Ortiz will face WBC Champion Deontay Wilder in a rematch later this year.

Wilder, of course, won their first bout via a 10th Round TKO in March 2018.

There was nothing controversial about the stoppage as a badly hurt Ortiz couldn't continue after suffering his third knockdown; And there was no protest from Ortiz or his corner following the referee's decision.

Ortiz, however, still insists he was victimized by the referee at the start of the 8th Round.

Let's go back to Round 7 of that affair where Ortiz had Wilder badly hurt. Deontay was clipped by a counter right hook from Ortiz that noticeably stunned the former. Ortiz followed-up with a hard left hook, then began to unleash hard punches in bunches that seemed daze Wilder who was just hanging on to survive the round.

It was, by far, Deontay's scariest moment as a pro but, courageously, a woozy Wilder would make it to the bell.

Wilder vs Ortiz 2
WBC Heavyweight Title
November 9

At the start of Round 8, something strange happened. Before the fighting commenced, Wilder's corner signaled to the referee to call time out to inspect Wilder's face despite the fact there weren't any noticeable cuts or bruises.

And as a result of the request, Wilder received a precious additional 20 seconds to shake off the cobwebs.

Did that seemingly bogus ask determine the outcome?

Who knows? But, two things should be taken into consideration. For starters, this happens all the time in boxing. A savvy corner will use subtle tricks in order to protect its fighter, and that should be expected. For instance, badly hurt fighters have been instructed to spit out their mouthpiece during ring action to halt his opponent's momentum and give himself time to clear his senses.

Wilder vs Ortiz Fact
Scoring through nine: 85-84 Wilder by all judges. Both Showtime and CBS Sports had it 86-83 in favour of Ortiz.

Applying too much Vaseline on a fighter's face is another tactic a corner will use. They'll do it knowing the referee will call timeout at the beginning of the round to ask that fighter's cornermen to remove some of the Vaseline. These days, however, if preventable delays happen more than once and the referee believes the action was on purpose, he'll take points away from the hurt fighter. But in Wilder vs Ortiz, there weren't repeated bogus delays.

Secondly, Wilder, because of his corner's action, didn't hang on and win a decision - He came back from the brink of destruction to emphatically knockout Ortiz, putting an exclamation point on his victory. So, even if a point or two had been taken from Wilder for his corner's actions, it wouldn't have impacted the outcome.

There was no controversy as this is part of boxing, and because Wilder created a decisive ending.


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