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Wilder vs Ortiz 2 prediction: Is heavyweight trainer falling prey to herd mentality?

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In 1984, then New Zealand light heavyweight Kevin Barry won a silver medal winner at the 1984 Olympics, defeating future great Evander Holyfield via an errant disqualification penalty.

Barry never turned professional but remained active in boxing as a trainer and manager.

He's trained former heavyweight challenger David Tua, IBF super featherweight world champion Robbie Peden, WBA middleweight world champion Maselino Masoe and WBA light heavyweight world champion Beibut Shumenov.

His most notable pupil today is, of course, heavyweight Joseph Parker.

FightHype recently caught up with the trainer to discuss the upcoming heavyweight bouts between Tyson Fury and Otto Wallin, and Deontay Wilder vs Ortiz.

Not surprisingly, Barry predicts an easy win for Fury who will be engaged in an obvious tune-up in September

"Once again, it's a very safe fight fot Tyson," Barry told FightHype.com. "The only real challenge is that the guy's a southpaw but I don't think it will matter."

"[Wallin] is going like Level 1 to Level 10 in one fight so it's massive step up for him."

"I don't see Tyson having any trouble whatsoever. But once again, it keeps him busy. It keeps him in the gym for another training camp."

Again, no surprise there. However, Barry may have raised some eyebrows with his Wilder vs Ortiz 2 prediction.

The trainer offered the consensus preface before he unleashed on the Cuban.

"Obviously, Deontay's [opponent] is a lot tough tougher. Ortiz showed in the first fight he's still very, very capable. He found a way to land that left hand in the first fight and it shook him up.

"[But] Personally, I think the rematch will be a lot easier. I think Ortiz has looked very cumbersome in his last couple of fights. Both went the distance. He looked like a fighter who was starting to show his age (40)."

Barry acknowledged that Luis may have had difficulty getting motivated for those opponents but insisted the Cuban showed have been more dominant.

"... The opponents he was in with, he should have made the fights a lot easier than what they were."

But, Barry is mistaken. Since the Wilder fight, Ortiz has KO'd 2 of 3 opponents.

Ortiz UD 12 Christian Hammer
Mar 2019

Ortiz KO 10 Travis Kaufmann
Dec 2018

Ortiz KO 2 Razvan Cojanu
Jul 2018

Bear in mind, Kaufmann was 32-2 at the time and Hammer is a very durable fighter who'd previously went the distance with Alexander Povetkin. There's no shame in decisioning Hammer.

Let's not forget, Tyson Fury went the distance with Francesco Pianeta last year yet no one asserted Fury was getting old.

People are mistaken if they think they're going to see an old man in the ring with Wilder come November.

Even the powerful Ortiz isn't going to KO every opponent within three rounds and he certainly hasn't shown any vulnerabilities since his loss to Wilder.

Herd mentality suggests Ortiz is getting old. If Team Wilder buys into that, it'll be a mistake.


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