Wilder vs Ortiz 2 odds: Don't get too comfy

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On November 9, hard-punching WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder will face Cuban wrecking machine Luis Ortiz in a rematch of their March 2018 bout.

Wilder won that thrilling affair via a 10th Round TKO but not before Ortiz unleashed some high-volume damage.

In Round 7, Ortiz had the champion in dire straits and appeared to be on the verge of a KO himself; But Deontay's resilience, courage and determination allowed him to weather the storm. He would survive the round, shake the cobwebs and stop the Cuban three stanzas later.

All three judges had the fight scored 85-84 for Wilder at the time of the 10th Round stoppage. Kind of tight, there.

Wilder vs Ortiz 2 odds
For their first encounter, Wilder was solid, but not overwhelming, favorite. Deontay sat at 4/6 while Ortiz was slated as the 6/5 underdog.

Despite Ortiz's heroics in their first fight, Wilder opens up as an even heavier favorite for the rematch. The champion sits at 2/9 while Ortiz, at 3/1, is quite literally a 3 to 1 underdog.

So, what gives?

Since their first bout, Ortiz is 3-0, 2 KO and Wilder is 1-0-1, 1 KO. Of course, Deontay fought better opposition but Ortiz has been more active.

Why are the Wilder vs Ortiz 2 odds are so far apart this time?

1. Out of sight, out of mind - Ortiz hasn't been in the news much while Wilder has dominated headlines. The latter faced the very popular Tyson Fury last December in what was one of the biggest fights of 2018, and there's been tremendous buzz about the prospects for Wilder vs Fury 2 and Wilder vs Anthony Joshua. Moreover, Deontay has done some commentating for a major network and seems to be popping up everywhere.But Luis, despite his record and proven ability, hasn't seen much press.

2. 40 - Of course, Luis, who was a stone's throw from 39 in his first bout with Wilder, is now the big 4-0. Fans looking for reasons to place a bet against a fighter see that number and start drooling. Fight legend Manny Pacquiao, at 40, defeated Keith Thurman last week and PacMan's age was a fixation of fans and the media.

Is 40 a death sentence?

3. Ortiz's last 3 fights - In March, we saw Ortiz go the distance with the durable Christian Hammer. Although it was a solid performance over 10 rounds and Ortiz pitched a shutout, he fell short of fans' expectations. It was a good, workmanlike effort but far from a mesmerizing performance. That stated, he showed a good jab, fine footwork and elite-level ring intelligence.

“Every heavyweight out there should know that I still have it at 40," Ortiz said after the fight.

"Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, I’m ready. I fought a fight that I hadn’t for years, which is box and work. So, I’m not disappointed I didn’t knock him out. I showed some of my boxing skills tonight."

After steamrolling Razvan Cojanu in Round 2 in July 2018, Ortiz scored a 10th Round stoppage over a gutsy Travis Kauffman 5 months later. And while the Kauffman win wasn't a mind blowing, highlight-making early KO, it was yet another quality performance by the Cuban.

Message to Deontay Wilder: Don't get too comfy.

Sure, Wilder has already beaten Ortiz. And yes, Luis is 40. And no, the Cuban wasn't monstrous in his last two fights. HOWEVER, the Wilder clash is still his only 'L.' Essentially, his only loss is to a fella he almost KO'd in a fight that was nearly even heading into Round 10.

So what if he went the distance with Christian Hammer. In 1949, a young Rocky Marciano failed to KO Don Mogard (17-9-1). And in 1969 and 1970, a young George Foreman heard the final bell when defeating Levi Forte (then 20-21-2) and Gregorio Peralta (then 77-5-8), respectively.

No matter how destructive a fighter is, he's not going to look destructive against everyone. Moreover, it's safe to say Ortiz will be more motivated against Wilder than was the case against Hammer and Kauffman.

And so what if he's 40. Ortiz will be just a year and a half older than he was for the first fight. He's been active and is staying in shape. Should Luis lose the rematch, rest-assured his timing, rhythm and conditioning won't be factors.

Are fans and oddsmakers underestimating Luis Ortiz because of his age? How many of those same fans and oddsmakers gave Andy Ruiz no chance against Joshua due to the former's chubby physique?

Luis Ortiz can be bad news for anyone. He's big, strong and mean. And did we mention he's a southpaw, too, with a very deep amateur pedigree (Purported Amateur Record: 349-19)?

Offensively, he may be the closest thing to a young George Foreman since... George Foreman. He's a sharp ring technician with fine punching power and a good beard, and he boasts an excellent sense of range and good timing.

Wilder deserves a lot of credit for facing Ortiz again, and shouldn't get too comfy with this opponent. Joshua vs Ruiz anyone?

Ortiz has been looking every bit as good as Andy Ruiz, if not better.

Round 7 - Wilder vs Ortiz, Mar, 2018


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