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Wilder vs Fury 2 odds: Who would have the upper hand?

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Heading into last week's heavyweight title showdown between unbeaten warriors Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder most gave the latter the advantage.

Fury, of course, returned to boxing in 2018 after being away from the sport 2 1/2 years. During his hiatus, he battled drug addiction and depression, and gained over 100 pounds.

Tyson entered last week's fight having had just two tune-up bouts against fringe opposition since his exodus from the sport and didn't appear to be in top form despite dominating both opponents, so it was no surprise Wilder was favored, albeit slightly.

Now, after last week's controversial draw, there’s already plenty of talk about a rematch. So, who would have the edge in Wilder vs Fury 2?

Westgate has slated Fury a tiny favorite, with Tyson at -120 while Wilder sits at even odds. And don't be surprised if there's not much movement from now until the rematch, should they fight again in the States.

Although it was a fun, competitive fight, most seemed to think Fury had done enough to win. He moved and boxed well and had Wilder missing consistently. However, he was floored twice and Wilder needed both knockdowns to earn a draw and retain his title.

So, all odds aside, would really have the upper hand in Wilder vs Fury 2?

Given Tyson Fury is back in shape and no seemingly no longer rust worn, we should assume he'll be at least as good as he was last week, and probably better. In fact, expect a better Fury in the rematch. 

He'll no longer be coming off two sluggish wins over journeymen.

So, if Wilder couldn't beat Saturday's version of Tyson, how will he conquer an improved Fury in the rematch?

Answer: Adjustments 

Wilder appeared quicker than Fury and his power advantage was evident, but the latter's timing was much better. If Team Wilder devises an alternative strategy that will enable its man to land more punches instead of loading up with the predictable right hand, Deontay could possibly defeat a better version of Fury. After all, he'll enter the fight knowing he's capable of flooring - and hurting - Tyson. That in itself is a decent psychological plus.

The fact remains: In the rematch, Fury will still have to fight more flawlessly than Wilder in order to win. In fact, Tyson will need to be near perfect defensively because a shot from Wilder at any time can not only drastically change the outcome of the fight, but turn a 10-9 Fury round into 10-8 stanza for Wilder.

... And while Fury will know he's capable of weathering the storm against Wilder, he mustn’t get too brave.

If Wilder vs Fury 2 takes place outside of the UK, Fury will likely enter with a small advantage as both fighters realize Fury nipped Deontay the first time and will likely be a little better in the rematch. Wilder's insistence his two knockdowns legitimized the result is a small admission he realizes he didn't beat Fury last week. If he thought he should have won, he would have vehemently protested the verdict; something he didn't do.

If Wilder vs Fury 2 happens in the latter's native UK, Tyson will have an even bigger advantage for obvious reasons. Tyson would get the benefit of the doubt in close rounds and would be a little more amped fighting in front of his adoring fans. If you're Team Wilder, you're definitely lobbying for the rematch to be in LA again or Las Vegas.


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