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  • Wilder vs Fury 2: "Not only does Deontay have a good chin, but also the ability to recover quickly," claims former champ

Wilder vs Fury 2: "Not only does Deontay have a good chin, but also the ability to recover quickly," claims former champ

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With Wilder vs. Fury 2 going down in less than three weeks, it would seem that boxing's longtime glamour division is once again becoming glamorous.

Why have the heavyweights been traditionally considered the most compelling and drama-filled division of the entire sport?

It's all about power.

When any given match-up dramatically and suddenly changes with a single clean punch landed by any heavyweight fighter, every contest immediately becomes that much more captivating.

The battle to determine the lineal and WBC heavyweight championship on February 22nd is no exception.

When analyzing the "power" variable in this contest, the fighter from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, clearly seems to have the edge.

Wilder currently boasts a near-perfect KO ratio at 95.35%, with 41 KO's out of 43 professional fights.

Former two-division world champion David Haye believes, like many knowledgable observers, that Deontay Wilder may be the hardest puncher the sport of boxing has ever seen.

"I truly think he's the hardest punching heavyweight ever," insisted the former WBA Heavyweight champion on BT Sport's "Wilder v Fury: Fight Breakdown".

"It sounds like an exaggeration, but I got hit by Wilder in sparring, and I've been hit by Wladimir Klitschko on the chin with 10-ounce gloves, and there was more effect from Wilder hitting me on the top of the head with 18-ounce gloves while wearing a head guard."

"It wasn't even clean. It was just glancing and I felt that more. I remember thinking after the first time I sparred him, 'this guy's going to do something'. He was wild and all over the place, but that power..."

Although Mr. Fury is indeed the "lesser-regarded" puncher in the upcoming match-up, the self-proclaimed Gypsy King made the bold claim several times that he intends to stop the WBC titlist within the distance. He truly believes his opponent doesn't have the greatest set of whiskers in the division.

"Wilder has a glass chin," stated Tyson Fury during a press conference in November of 2018.

"Wilder might be able to punch, but I know he's got a glass chin. He was almost knocked out by a nobody early in his career. He can dish out the punishment, but he can't take it."

The lineal champ points to Dee's 13th professional bout against journeyman Harold Sconiers, in which the former Bronze medal-winning Olympian was clearly buzzed after being floored in the final minute of the second stanza. Even though the current WBC titlist made it out of that fight undefeated, earning a 4th round knock-out, he did appear to be badly hurt by Sconiers.

Haye doesn't agree, and also doesn't see Wilder getting knocked out on February 22nd.

While anything can and often does happen in the "theater of the unexpected" that is boxing, the former unified Cruiserweight champ believes that Deontay does have a rock-solid chin, as well as an almost uncanny ability to recover very quickly from a devastating punch, largely due to his superb conditioning.

"One thing also no one really mentions is Deontay Wilder's punch resistance. I've never heard anyone say he can take a shot, but he can take a shot."

"I've given him some digs...you know, I buzzed him a bit and he just comes back wanting more. Not only does he have a good chin, but his recovery power is also great."

"Most people, if you hit them with one clean shot, their legs go out from under them, and they're not quite the same. They take a step back, and it takes a few rounds for them to get their legs underneath them again."

"But He (Wilder) is straight back on it...I remember thinking that he could punch and take a shot, and once he gets his technique up to scratch, and it is now...he's the WBC Heavyweight champion of the world, I knew that this kid would be something special."

Does the current WBC heavyweight champion have the chin to withstand Tyson Fury's best right-hand shots? And is the Gypsy King correct when he says Wilder's "beard" hasn't been properly tested since being hurt badly in his 13th professional bout?

Fight fans will finally uncover the truth when Wilder vs. Fury 2 plays out on February 22nd!!

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