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Who will win Fury vs Wilder 2?

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We have a list of predictions and semi-predictions from experts and will accumulate many more until the evening of Saturday, February 22.Please bookmark us as new updates will be added to the top of the list.

So, are there any common threads?

Given Wilder vs Fury was a draw, adjustments will be key. Wilder's right hand might be be biggest weapon in the history of boxing but he might need to bring another weapon, such as an educated left hook, to win. After all, Fury took Deontay the distance in their first bout and, for the most part, defended well against Wilder's right hand bombs.

If Wilder can add to his arsenal, it'll be to his advantage. And even if Wilder continues to rely on his right hand, consensus is Fury will have to be much more perfect than Wilder in order to win.

Conversely, those who are picking Fury to win think he'll be better in the rematch. After all, in the first bout Fury  was seemingly still shaking off some ring rust as a result of his 3 1/2 year hiatus from boxing. Some insist Fury will be even sharper in the rematch because he's had time to perfect his rhythm and timing, and get into better condition.

Updated Feb 19, 11PM ET

Wilder vs Fury 2 Expert Predictions

Expert: Thomas Hearns - Former 4 Division Champion / Boxing Legend
Courtesy of BoxingNews24

The Hitman, whose style was like a 80s and 90s version of a small Deontay Wilder likes the WBC Champ.

Deontay Wilder can box and win, but I think that his power will be the difference in defeating Tyson Fury. I believe that it will go to a decision again, but with Deontay Wilder winning it.”  

Prediction: Wilder by decision

Expert: Larry Holmes - Former Heavyweight Champion / Boxing Legend
Courtesy of BoxingNews24

Deontay Wilder will knock out Tyson Fury in the seventh or eighth round if he does what I know that he can do, which is stay on the outside, use his jab, throw that right hand over the jab.”

Prediction: Wilder by KO, 7 or 8

Expert: George Foreman - Former Lineal Heavyweight Champion / Fight Legend
Courtesy of Bookies.com

“The world will be talking about heavyweight boxing after this match. “It’s going to be good for boxing. I love it. “

"I pick Tyson Fury to win on points. Millions will watch it. It’ll probably be a controversial decision.”

“Yeah, that Deontay Wilder can punch. “Oh, he can hit and he can hit hard. “I think they’re going to tear the wall down there because that rematch will be seen by a lot of people.” Asked whether Tyson Fury can avoid Wilder’s big right hand, Foreman said: “That’s not going to be easy.”

Prediction: Fury, controversially, on points

Expert: Anthony Joshua - WBA/IBF/WBO Heavyweight Champion, Potential Wilder and/or Fury opponent
Courtesy Pep Talk UK

AJ's pick is significant for obvious reasons. There are only 1 or 2 other heavyweights in the world on the same level as Wilder and Fury, and the WBA/IBF/WBO Heavyweight Champion is certainly one of them.

Joshua seems to think Fury will take care of business in the rematch just as he did in his return bout with Andy Ruiz.

Joshua told Pep Talk UK: “I think Fury wins. I said it. I think the man that nearly done it the first time won’t get it wrong the second time.

“I think that he came close the first time to the point of a draw, it wasn’t like a 12-round masterclass then got battered in the 12th and that just separated it.

“It was a draw, it was that close. So I just think Tyson Fury is going to correct his wrongs and come back and win.”

Prediction: Fury

Expert: Teddy Atlas: Accomplished Trainer / Popular Commentator
Courtesy of The Fight

Consensus says Fury should be at least as good as he was last time, and probably better. After all, he'll no longer be coming off two sluggish wins over journeymen. However, despite Fury's presumed ring rust in the first bout, Atlas believes Wilder has the most room for improvement. Perhaps the boxing sage sees something in Wilder?

Should he bring more offensive tools to his arsenal and not be so predictable with his right hand, he'd be an even bigger threat... And maybe, just maybe that's where Teddy's argument is going.

"You can win all the rounds with Wilder, you can box better, but his opponent always reminds me a guy who fells from the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Falling, he passes the fiftieth floor and asks people looking in the window: "How am I?". People shout: "Now you're alright, man!"

"This is how going on in the fight with Wilder. Everything is going well, but you are falling from a skyscraper, and a land is getting closer. Therefore it is better to look for the parachute before a tragedy happens."

"The problem of Fury is also in the fact that he can not do in the ring more than he did in the first fight. Wilder can fight better than the first time, he has more room for improvement.:

Prediction: Wilder, probably by KO

Expert: Mike Tyson - Former Undisputed Heavyweight Champion / Fight Legend
Courtesy BT Sport

Straight away, Mike admits he's not impartial. He's also exchanged heated words with Wilder recently.

Iron Mike sidesteps a prediction but makes a fine point. To add to Mike's comment, punching power means little if you can't find the target.

“I always root for him because he was named after me. That’s the natural thing to do, right? I’m biased towards him…

“I don’t care how hard you punch, it’s hard to beat somebody who doesn’t wanna quit…

“It’s gonna be a really, really interesting fight and both guys have something to prove. I just wish the best for Tyson Fury, I’m always a Tyson fan.”

Prediction: Fury, tiny lean

Expert: Evander Holyfield - Former Lineal Cruiserweight and Heavyweight Champion / Fight Legend
Courtesy Fight Hub TV

During the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s, no one defined "warrior" better than 'Real Deal' Holyfield. He could box.. He could brawl... And he had a steel chin.

"You would say a 50/50 fight because of course Deontay he’s the one who, at any given time, can throw that right hand and he can knock you out."

"But Tyson Fury, that’s a clever fighter. He’s a good fighter, he’s got longer arms and stuff like that. He’s got an awkward style that can make adjustments."

"[But]I think at any given time, Deontay can get you out with one shot. ‘Now Tyson Fury, it’s going to take him a lot of shots to get you out. He ain’t gonna get you out with one! It’s gonna take a lot of shots to get you out. So I think it’s going to be a little bit more difficult for him."

Prediction: Leans Wilder, but hesitant

Expert: Bernard Hopkins - Former Lineal Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Champion / Legend
Courtesy of SecondsOut

Like Atlas, BHOP believes Fury can do no better in Wilder vs Fury 2. In fact, he insists Tyson's ability to not get KO'd in the first fight was a victory in itself.

"When you look at Fury, where is the credit... other than showing the ability and heart not to get discouraged and barely beating the count... It's a victory for Fury that he survived and Wilder slacked up in the later championship rounds."

"TAKE THAT AWAY [and] Wilder was winning the fight pretty easily to me!"

"What can happen the second fight after knowing you've [already] been in there with a guy.... It'll be one-sided. It'll be very calculated."

Prediction: Wilder by KO

Fury vs Wilder 2 (Fight Page)
WBC/RING Magazine Heavyweight Titles
February 22, 2020
MGM Grand Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Expert: David Haye - Former Cruiserweight Champion / Legend; Former WBA Heavyweight Champion
Courtesy of BT Sport

An explosive puncher himself back in the day, Haye has sparred Wilder and knows his power first hand. Few are as qualified to comment as the Hayemaker.

Instead of focusing on Wilder's power, Haye examines the intangibles such as Fury's late change in trainers, the cut he suffered against Wallin a few months back and Fury's "apparent" weight gain. Perhaps Haye believes a combination of elements tip the balance in Wilder's favor?

Sometimes a combination of factors, not just one, can make a task much easier or far more difficult. Haybe believes Fury already has several factors against him that he didn't have before.

“Fury boxed brilliantly first time around, that was with Ben Davison in his corner. He doesn’t have Ben in the corner this time.

“In his last fight, he got a couple of horrendous cuts over his eye. That could open up again, which would mean he’d have the same fight with one eye.

“Trying to beat Deontay Wilder with two eyes is tough enough.

“The fact that I’m hearing he’s putting on additional weight, which may slow his mobility down, his speed and reflexes down, I have to go with Deontay Wilder by stoppage.”

Prediction: Wilder by KO

Expert: Colin Hart, Boxing Writer, The Sun
Courtesy of The Sun

Hart, a veteran of the fight game, insists he's had a close-up view of some of the hardest punchers in the 131-year history of the heavyweight division and leaves no doubt as to what his Fury vs Wilder 2 prediction is.

Hart likens Tyson Fury to a bomb disposal officer clearing a minefield, 'knowing if he makes one false move he’ll be blown to smithereens.'

Indeed, Fury probably has to fight more flawlessly than Wilder. But, what about their first encounter? Fury survived two knockdowns, one of which would have knocked down a tree. However, the British boxing writer, describing Wilder as the hardest puncher he's ever seen, doesn't think Wilder will 'let him off the hook in the rematch.'

Insisting Tyson Fury 'will be walking a tightrope all night,' Hart seems to believe Fury will eventually make a costly mistake and won't be able to avoid the knockout

"But here’s the $64million question. Has he [Fury] the mental strength to concentrate for every second of the scheduled 36 minutes?"

Prediction: Wilder by KO in 9th or 10th

Expert: Wladimir Klitschko: Former Lineal Heavyweight Champion / Fight Legend
Courtesy of BoxingScene

An all-time who has fought Fury and sparred with Wilder, Wlad plays it safe with a consensus pick. However, he remembers how hard Tyson was to hit flush so he seems to lean towards Fury. That stated, he hinted he'd love to open that window, again, for a Fury vs Klitschko 2 showdown for all the marbles.

"Either Wilder is going to knock out Fury or Fury is going to win on points...."

“I think, or I wish, that actually Fury, believe it or not, might make it. Maybe not, but I wish he’s going to. And then there’s supposed to be a rematch between Fury and me. Am I announcing now a comeback? No I’m not. Mark my words, I’m not announcing a rematch.

“But it could possibly be a good mix when, all of a sudden, Fury is going to win and a lot of different doors are going to open and excitement and things like that. But as I said, Wilder is going to win by knockout or Fury could win on points.”

Prediction: Fury on points (with hesitation)

Expert: Oleksandr Usyk: Former Lineal Cruiserweight Champion / Top 10 Pound for Pound Fighter / Top 10 Heavyweight
Courtesy of Ren TV

Usyk picked Fury previously and is even more assertive this time around. He seems to suggest he was impressed by Fury's performance in December 2018 and believes Fury will ride his skills, notably his footwork and upper body movement, to at least a points win.

Usyk told Ren TV: “I preferred Tyson Fury in the first fight.

“In the second, I will probably be more inclined towards him.

“He has much more skills than Wilder. But Wilder is such an unpredictable guy who can hit at any moment.”

Prediction: Fury

Expert: Abner Mares - Former WBA Featherweight Champion / WBC Featherweight Champion; Former WBC Super Bantamweight Champion
Courtesy of Twitter

"Who wins Wilder Vs Fury 2 ??? I have Wilder by KO in the 8th round and if it goes the distance I have him also winning by split decisions.. yes I have him winning a decision"

Prediction: Wilder via 8th Round KO or split decision

Expert: Lennox Lewis: Former Lineal Heavyweight Champion / Fight Legend
Courtesy of Boxing Social

Lewis seems to lean towards Wilder, perhaps suggesting the onus is on Fury to fight a more perfect fight than Wilder.

Lewis told Boxing Social: “I think it’s gonna be an unbelievable fight, the boxer against the puncher.

“Some people are gonna go for the power, some people are gonna go for the boxer and I love those type of fights.

“Nobody really knows and it really comes down to the crunch, who makes that vital mistake in the fight? Who doesn’t.

“No predictions. I would have to say, right now, Deontay's looking good.”

Prediction: No official pic; Seems to lean Wilder

We'll be updating our Wilder vs Fury 2 Expert Predictions page until 7PM ET Saturday, February 22. Please bookmark us as new updates will be added to the top.

Here's where we stand so far:

Strong Fury: 
Anthony Joshua
Oleksandr Usyk
George Foreman

Leans Fury:
Wladimir Klitschko
Mike Tyson

Strong Wilder:
Teddy Atlas
Bernard Hopkins
David Haye
Abner Mares
Colin Hart
Thomas Hearns
Larry Holmes

Leans Wilder:
Lennox Lewis
Evander Holyfield

Updated Feb 19, 11PM ET

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Boxing experts share their predictions on the rematch between Deontauy Wilder and Tyson Fury.  Adjustments will be key.


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