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Season II of the WBSS Tournament in the Cruiserweight division will commence this weekend.

These tournaments are more of the showcase variety than actual talent-filled competition, but we have been surprised and entertained in some of the previous individual matchups.

The WBSS, thus far, has not rivaled the original Super 6 168 lb Tournament conducted by Showtime some years back. That one was pure talent and excitement.

Some of the entries in this 200 lb tournament are question marks because they are unproven commodities.

Adding to that, why isn't former champion Denis Lebedev part of the mix? Where are former Cruiserweight Champions Guillermo Jones ( Currently ranked # 11 in the WBA Heavyweight division) and 46 year old Firat Arslan is on a 10 fight win streak?

Here is a synopsis of the fighters included and their summaries.

Mateusz Masternak 44-4 (28), 31, Poland, 6',Orthodox
Masternack possesses an average jab; He's a straight up fighter with little head movement. He can fight from angles and keeps good distance. He lunges when throwing body punches, leaves holes open and is vulnerable to an uppercut.

Yunier Dorticos 21-1 (21), 32, Cuba, 6'3, orthodox, former WBA Champion
Has a superior jab and is not afraid to go to the body. Is a straight up fighter and uses an effective uppercut. Is a one dimensional fighter with a lack of a Plan B. Is reliant on 1-2 combination punching with high volume but displays endurance problems at the end of a fight.

It must be very hard for him not to fight in his hometown without the crowd behind him constantly.

Mairis Briedis 24-1 (18), 33, Latvia, 6'1. orthodox, former WBC Champion.
He has campaigned at Heavyweight in the past, knocking out the likes of Manuel Charr and Danny Williams. He is an agressiive fighter that with excellent feints, well placed body punching coupled with a relentless will. He has a tendency to clinch due to an ineffective inside game. Often, he is observed lunging and unbalanced when engaging.

Maksim Vlasov 42-2 (25), 32, Russia 6'4, orthodox
Most of his fights have been against local competition. He's got good body and head movement and an accurate punching style but he can be timed while often dropping his gloves in pursuit of an attack. Hes got good command of both hands but arm punches with very little body work.

Noel Mikaeljan (Gevor) 23-1 (10), 28, Germany (Armenia), 6'3 orthodox
Good balance, decent left hook. But he lacks power, can be timed, comes straight in and lets his opponent into the fight. He spends more time and energy dipping and bobbing in feinting with his arms than actually throwing punches. This guy will be knocked out in the first round whatever talent he faces.

Andrew Tabiti 16-0 (13), 29 USA,,6'1, orthodox
Very limited competition; Knows how to use his jab but often it is effective. He cuts off the ring well, is very quick but fights in spurts. Has a problem fighting on the inside and often clinches. Average defense.

Krzysztof Glowacki 30-1 (19) 31 6' southpaw, former WBO Champion
I dont know why he wasn't included in the first tounament. He is a tremendous puncher from all angles, possesses a good beard, and is not afraid to engage but his defense is questionable. Gets sloppy at the end of a fight sometimes with suspect endurance.

Ruslan Fayfer 23-0 (16) 27 Russia, orthodox
He has seen limited competition and fights scientifically; textbook and methodical. He has good command in either hand and utilizes body punching in his arsenal. He is painfully slow in his implementation.


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