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Vitali Klitschko vs. Tomasz Adamek: Head to Head

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Tomorrow night, 40 year old WBC Heavyweight Champion Vitali Klitschko (42-2, 39 KOs) defends his coveted crown against 34 year old Polish warrior Tomasz Adamek (44-1, 28 KOs) in front of 45,000 loyal fight fans packed in Stadion Miejski, a newly designed soccer stadium in Wroclaw, Poland.

Dr. Iron Fist is currently enjoying a ten fight win streak that stretches back to 2003, when he lost a riveting scrap to former lineal Heavyweight Champion Lennox Lewis, and the fighter more affectionately known by his fans as "Goral" is red hot with a win streak consisting of thirteen consecutive victories.

Both men are at the peak of their respective careers, so expect an elite level heavyweight scrap, which should include cerebral boxing as well as toe to toe brawling.

The battle between the big men will be televised live on HBO at 4:45 PM EST and replayed after the Gamboa/Ponce De Leon bout this Saturday night at 10:30 PM EST.

Both men are confident and willing to engage, so buckle up...this is going to be a war as long as it lasts!!

Tale of the Tape

The Champion

Vitali Klitschko – The Ukrainian giant is 6'7 ½" with an 80 inch reach. The older and more imposing Klitschko fights out of an orthodox stance and has power in both fists. He is currently boasting a knock out ratio of 89% and has never tasted the canvas throughout his 15 years as a professional fighter.

The WBC champ has only lost twice by way of injury, and was leading in both bouts on all judges' scorecards at the time of stoppage. He uses his height extremely well in the ring and fights in a relaxed, unconventional manner. He can be the effective aggressor and can use the entire ring while fighting off of his back foot as well.

Vitali Klitschko is a very intelligent boxer and has a wide arsenal of punches. He likes to lead with a left jab as well as throwing the lead left hook when a fighter attempts to lung inside or move laterally. Dr. Iron Fist also throws very creative combinations from odd angles utilizing straight right hands and uppercuts with left hooks to the body and head.

For a big man, Vitali has a very busy work rate, throwing 50-70 punches per round. He is very consistent in his punch output and has very good stamina throughout the fight. He doesn't load up or sit down on very many punches, which enables him to work at a busier pace than most fighters over 6'5".

Critics have often described Klitschko's fight style as being robotic at times, but his method of execution is extremely effective. Vitali uses his straight left jab and footwork as his first line of defense, and turns his opponents after he lands an effective combination to keep them out of position, leaving them unable to counter punch successfully. He also leans away from punches well, deflecting most shots with his shoulders and arms.

Klitschko's opponents will often fall into the trap of following around the giant Ukrainian while getting peppered with a healthy dose of left hooks and straight right hands. Once his adversaries begin to tire and show the effects of his handiwork in the mid to late rounds, Dr. Iron Fist begins to mix in heavier shots within his 3 and 4 punch combinations.

Vitali also cuts off the ring extremely well and can close on any opponent when he smells blood. He has a granite chin and doesn't mind placing himself in the line of fire in order to impose his will on retreating counterpunchers.

Klitschko is very proficient at taking away an opponent's jab by countering over the top of it with straight right hands and following up with left hooks the jaw.

His best attribute is his ring intelligence and overall confidence. Klitschko always enters the ring in superb shape and is conditioned to work for 12 full rounds. Vitali has grown accustomed to getting the better of his foes in the ring, so defeating the poised champion is a tall order for any man.

The Challenger
Tomasz Adamek – The 6'1 ½" fighter from Zywiec, Poland, has a 75" reach and fights out of an orthodox stance. The former Light-Heavyweight and Cruiserweight Champion has been boxing since the age of 12 and has a very good amateur background, winning 108 of his 120 amateur bouts.

The 215 pound heavyweight has only lost once since turning pro in 1999, and has achieved his 44 professional victories by using various styles and methods in the ring.

One of Adamek's various strengths is his ability to change fight styles to adapt to his opposition's strengths and weaknesses. The Polish born pugilist has excellent handspeed for a heavyweight and puts his punches together extremely well. He can fight well from a distance as well as bang effectively on the inside.

He has decent upper body and head movement and uses feints very well to set up his combinations. Adamek has decent footwork and is an extremely patient and intelligent fighter. He has shown an ability to use the entire ring effectively and jump in and out of an opponent's defense with explosive combinations.

His sturdy beard and resilience can prove to be an asset and a weakness. His ability to take a good punch can unfortunately allow him to trade when in the line of fire instead of using his footwork to stay out of harm's way.

But, when hurt by his opponents, Adamek seemingly gets stronger while keeping an uncanny sense of poise. His ability to think when faced with adversity makes the Polish born fighter a very dangerous competitor and always makes for great drama in the ring.

He fights well at angles and is very selective with his shots. Adamek doesn't waste any punches when putting pressure on his opponents and sets traps extremely well while boxing and using the entire ring. He uses his jab well to set up straight right hands and left hooks to the body and head.

He is a mentally tough fighter and always comes into each and every bout in peak physical condition. When any fighter faces Tomasz Adamek, he must be prepared to work for all three minutes of every round.

Keys to Victory

The key to Vitali winning this super bout will be his conditioning. Adamek will attempt to use the entire ring during this fight and jump in and out of the always formidable Klitschko defense. The former Cruiserweight will try to make the large Ukrainian work at a very fast pace, so Vitali will have to be in optimum form in order to win this fight.

Vitali must use intelligent pressure by mixing his touch jabs with straight hard jabs while cutting off the ring and anticipating Adamek's lateral movements. Klitschko must take advantage of those moments when he has the smaller fighter pinned against the ropes. He absolutely has to be aggressive in this fight and maintain control by forcing the action. His overhand right followed by the left hook will be the key to winning this fight and stopping the Polish warrior in the mid to late rounds.

The winning strategy for Tomasz Adamek will be intelligence and footwork. The smaller fighter will have to jump in and out of Klitschko's jab and left hook with explosive combinations while moving laterally to keep Vitali off balance. He absolutely cannot allow the WBC Champion to find his rhythm and stay within his comfort zone.

Adamek has to keep moving laterally while attempting to catch Vitali while he's coming in. He must stay off of the ropes and absolutely cannot square up in front of Klitschko. If he can frustrate Klitschko by using disjunct lateral movements and sporadic offensive explosions in combination, Adamek can win a 12 round decision in front of his home crowd and become the new WBC Heavyweight Champion of the world.


Although most boxing scribes feel that the reigning and defending WBC Champ is simply too good and too big for the Polish challenger, an upset of heavyweight proportions is not out of the question. Adamek has the intelligence and skill to defeat any fighter on any given day, but unfortunately his courage, bravery, and heart will prove to be his undoing.

Klitschko will be able to land at a safe distance and dictate the pace of the fight while eventually frustrating and baiting the brave challenger into a fire fight in the mid to late rounds.

Vitali Klitschko will keep his WBC title and stop Tomasz Adamek in the 7th round of this entertaining and brutal championship fight.


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