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Bryan Vera 26-13 (16) is one of those boxers you can actually call a tough guy. The son of a professional heavyweight who was a part-time used car salesman, Vera was born in Lubbock, TX and turned pro after amassing an amateur record of 36-4.

He was a staple in the Middleweight division not long ago, fighting in epic battles with sluggers such as Andy Lee, James Kirkland, Willie Monroe, Sergio Mora, Julio Caesar Chavez Jr., Sergihy Dzinziruk and Matt Korobov. Of those fine opponents, Vera holds wins over Dzinziruk, Lee and Mora (twice).

The 5'10" Vera has also fought current WBA 'Regular' Super Middleweight Champion Rocky Fielding who has an appointment with Saul Alvarez later on this year in December.

Vera vs Lee I
Vera's first match with Andy Lee was legendary as Bryan walked through the Brit's thudding powershots en route to scoring a surprising TKO in the 7th round.

The Chavez Jr fights
His bouts with Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. were also monumental. Vera would lose a highly controversial tilt in the first fight (Sep 2013) and a less controversial verdict in the second (Mar 2014).

With its man coming off of his first loss against middleweight champion Sergio Martinez and a one year suspension for marijuana, Team Chavez thought Vera would be the perfect opponent for Julio's comeback but Vera proved them wrong, appearing to have outworked the favored star over the course of 12 rounds.

Although public sentiment suggested Vera got the better of Chavez Jr that night, Julio was given a rather comfortable verdict by the scores of 96-94, 97-92 and 98-92.

"Often I came into a fight and was supposed to lose but I surprised a lot of people in my upset wins. I was upset with the [first Chavez Jr] decision but it is what it is."

There was so much controversy over the results of the first fight, Team Chavez was compelled to give Vera an immediate rematch. In that fight, Chavez made the necessary adjustments and won a less debatable decision.

"People always remark about the resilience of my chin and how good it is," Vera told FightSaga. "I somehow wonder if that's a compliment and something to be proud about? What are they trying to tell me?"

Hardest puncher
"The hardest puncher that I have ever faced in the ring was James Kirkland," Vera quipped. "He was heavier than me in the match due to his re-hydration and he fought like a beast."

"I was TKO’d in the 8th round in that affair. Later on, I worked with him as a sparring partner and prepared him for his [May 2015] fight with Canelo Alvarez."

In 2014, Vera became a contender in Big Knockout Boxing (BKB), a combat sport brand developed and owned by DirecTV. The sport is similar to boxing but does not use a ring, ropes, corners, and had 2 minute rounds and a smaller fighting area. BKB hasn't held any events since June of 2015, and has no future events scheduled.

Despite losing to Gabriel Rosado in the league's debut, Vera has been asked to compete in bare knuckle fighting tournaments.

On Canelo vs Fielding
Having suffered a second round defeated to Brit Rocky Fielding in 2015, Vera said of the upcoming Canelo vs Fielding bout:

"Fielding is no joke. He is well conditioned and he hits hard. I was surprised Canelo took the fight."

Although Vera, 36, gained notoriety as a middleweight, he is now campaigning as a light heavyweight and will face Sena Agbeko 21-1 (18) of Ghana at the Mid-TN Expo Center, December 8th in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

"His record is padded," Vera said of Agbeko. "If I fought the guys that he's fought with just a handful of wins and/or losing records like he has, I'd be a world champion."

Closing comment
"If [there's] anything I have to say about boxing it wouldn't be about what it did wrong to me - It would be about what I did wrong to boxing," Vera reminisced. "I should have trained better before fights and taken the game more seriously. I shouldn't have partied that much."


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