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Usyk vs Chisora: Odds, Keys to Victory and Prediction

Joseph Herron Updated
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Saturday, October 31st, fight fans are in for a Heavyweight Halloween treat at the Wembley Arena in London, England, where Oleksandr Usyk (17-0, 13 KO's) will take on Dereck Chisora (32-9, 23 KO's) in a scheduled 12 round main event of a stacked Matchroom Sport fight card!!

The event will be televised on DAZN USA in the states, and Sky Sports Box Office in the UK, with a 2PM ET start time.

Despite being a top P4P fighter, most experts agree the Ukraine native has never fought anyone quite like Del Boy as an amateur or professional.  Although Usyk seems to have the edge in almost every category heading into this highly anticipated Heavyweight contest, many are expecting the hard charging British fighter to give the heavily favored technician his stiffest test to date.

But will it play out that way?

Betting Odds

Despite having a lot more experience competing in the Heavyweight division, most Race and Sports books list Dereck Chisora as the overwhelming betting underdog heading into Saturday's main event at Wembley Arena.

According to the Book at the MGM, Dereck Chisora is currently listed as a 4 1/2 to 1 (+450) betting underdog, which means that if you bet $100 on a straight up Chisora victory, you'd pocket a cool $450 if he does somehow pull off the upset.

Oleksandr Usyk is sitting comfortably as a greater than 7 to 1 (-715) betting favorite.  Which means that you'd win a whopping $13.99 for every $100 bet in the event of an Usyk victory.

In the event of a draw, the Book at the MGM is offering 25 to 1 (+2500) odds, which means that if you correctly predict a draw, you'd win $2500 on a $100 wager.

Wildcard Bet: Because of the huge disparity in skill level, most experts don't believe Dereck Chisora can win a points victory against Oleksandr Usyk.  So right now, the Book at the MGM is offering 22 to 1 (+2200) odds on a decision win in favor of Del Boy.  Because Chisora will more than likely be the aggressor in this contest and will enter the ring 38 pounds heavier than Usyk, I personally like the odds in this category and would be interested in taking the wager that Dereck will indeed make the final bell and be rewarded for effective aggression, busier workrate over twelve hard rounds; possibly getting some home cooking from the judges at ringside.

If you have money to burn, a $100 bet on a Dereck Chisora points victory yields a $2200 payout!  Will lady luck favor the bold in Saturday's main event in London?


Keys to Victory

Oleksandr Usyk - For the heavy betting favorite to win, he merely has to be the ring general and effective matador in this match-up for twelve hard rounds.  He can do this by shooting the right hook/straight left hand combination as Chisora attempts to close the distance.  After landing effectively, Usyk absolutely must pivot around his aggressive minded opponent while staying out of corners and off the ropes. 

If Chisora is able to make his way inside Usyk's defense, the 33 year old Ukraine native would be wise to tie up his opponent, forcing the third man in the ring to create that much needed distance between both fighters.  Rinse and repeat.  Usyk has some of the best footwork in boxing, and must use it to maneuver in and out of range effectively like a needle on a sewing machine.

If he can successfully control range with his right hook/straight left hand, while using his footwork as the foundation of his defense, Oleksandr Usyk will earn a decisive victory over Dereck Chisora and possibly score a mid to late rounds stoppage.

Dereck Chisora - In order to be successful against a real sharp shooter like Oleksandr Usyk, Del Boy absolutely must cut off his opponent's reaction time and close the distance between the two fighters.  He has to make it a tough, grueling inside fight.  On the inside, Dereck can be successful with the overhand right, as well as the left hook to the body, followed by the right uppercut to the chin.  That will be his winning combination throughout the twelve round affair!

But in order to land those shots, he has to first cut off the ring effectively and close the distance, working behind a sporadic jab and straight right hand.  When inside, Chisora has to make life very uncomfortable for the heavily favored fighter...hitting him on the hip, to the kidneys, behind the head, elbows underneath...basically hitting him with as many illegal shots as he can.  Remember, this is a fight!  Just like not paying your taxes, it's only illegal if you get caught!

If Del Boy can withstand the incoming fire and outwork his opponent for twelve hard rounds, Dereck Chisora can pull off the massive upset on Saturday!


Final Prediction

Although Dereck Chisora is as tough as it gets in boxing, he is severely over matched in terms of skill level and ring IQ.  Despite having the edge in heavyweight experience, I just don't see Del Boy cutting off the ring and closing the distance effectively against a fighter with arguably the best footwork in boxing.

At age 36, Dereck Chisora will get beaten up over ten hard rounds and finally get stopped in the 11th!

Oleksandr Usyk TKO 11 Dereck Chisora


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