Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Lennox Lewis

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Few would argue that Lennox Lewis in some way falls short of the designation 'gentleman boxer'. He is a great athlete, well-spoken and conducts himself with dignity.

He also continued to bludgeon Oliver McCall, who had been openly weeping and refusing to defend himself or fight. At 2:14 of the fourth round Lennox Lewis tried to remove McCall's head with a hard overhand right. He had been following McCall around the ring, pecking at him while the deflated fighter took a stroll with his hands at his side. He continued to batter him. Probing jabs. Left hook to the body. At 1:48 Lewis landed a huge right to McCall's head. At 1:44 he landed another coming out of a clench. At 0:31 McCall stood against the ropes with hands raised. Lewis threw a right hand at him. McCall wept in his corner after the fourth round. He was clearly having an emotional and mental breakdown.

Oliver McCall CriesWhen McCall retreated to a corner in the fifth round, having been counseled during the break, he dropped his arms and refused to defend himself. He also ate a series of hard punches from Lewis: hooks and uppercuts to head and body. Lewis did not look to the referee for intervention, but it was referee Mills Lane's intervention that saved Lewis' opponent from serious harm.

The gentlemanly thing to do is to refuse to hit such a defenseless creature. Right?

Boxing is not a manners contest. The job description of a boxer is simple: hit the other guy hard and more often than he hits you.

Was Lennox Lewis a blight on boxing? If you buy the argument that Floyd Mayweather is devoid of class, having knocked out the defenseless Victor Ortiz after allowing a hug, a kiss, a touching of gloves and another hug, then you should add Lennox Lewis to your list of shady pugilists.

Who is willing to do that?

(See video below) 

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