Tyson Fury would consider wrestling, WWE?

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Tyson Fury is many things....

But boring, stale and quiet certainly aren't among his character traits.

After a two year hiatus from the sport to deal with cocaine addiction and depression, Fury is back in training for a potential comeback bout in early 2018; But one must question his presumed volatility as well as his focus and state of mind given his bizarre actions and odd comments the past two years.

Recently, when queried about the possibility of becoming a pro wrestler, boxing's loquacious lineal heavyweight champion told The White Rhino podcast: “I have not been asked but I would consider it… But aren’t I too fat to be on the WWE? WWE if you’re listening to The White Rhino Podcast, call me.”

Was that supposed to be a joke? With Fury, who knows?

I think there was some truth in Tyson's reply. Is Fury serious about boxing these days?

While some in boxing insist Tyson will return better than ever, addiction recovery can be challenging and should never be underestimated. Tyson may be obese but that may be the least of his issues.

On the path to addiction recovery, Fury's body will yearn for the pleasure chemicals that were previously produced in excess by cocaine. When his body doesn't get that 'high' it so desperately wants, a 'low' of sorts sets in and an addict may temporarily plunge into a chemically-starved depression while experiencing bouts of fatigue, slowed thinking and sluggishness.

As with most addicts in recovery, weight gain in almost inevitable. In fact, gaining a 'few' pounds during the recovery process is probably healthy. However, athletes without the gift of ultra-charged metabolisms, like Tyson Fury, must be wary about the prospect of gaining too much weight. Not only is it unhealthy, the weight becomes yet another obstacle a recovering addict must overcome, especially if that person is a fighter looking to get back on the elite level.

Looking more like a clown jester than heavyweight champion, the charismatic Fury recently started training with fight legend Ricky Hatton. Let's hope Tyson Fury can find his way. Always fun and highly entertaining, a sober Fury is great for boxing. He's a super-sized heavyweight who moves like a much smaller man and boasts incredible potential when focused.


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