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Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 2? Possibilities and pitfalls

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Should heavyweight superstar Tyson Fury defeat Otto Wallin tonight, the boxing world will want to know who's next for the Brit.

Will we see Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 2 early in 2020?

Tonight's bout will be Fury's second under his 5-fight ESPN deal purportedly worth $110 Million. And like his June dust-up with Tom Schwarz, Fury vs Wallin will also be a tune-up.

So, what does this mean?

Team Fury isn't taking any major risks prior to gearing up for a few major showdowns. Trust me, ESPN isn't paying him all that money to face opponents like Schwarz and Wallin. They are quality heavyweights but not nearly as accomplished and well-known as the creme de la creme of the division.

Look for Fury to face at least two, if not three, big name opponents down the road. And given the success of Wider vs Fury last December and the rivalry that's developed, Deontay is the likely leaning candidate to face Tyson next.

... But there's a pitfall, here. Wilder vs Fury was easy to make because the latter wasn't contractually bound to a network. With Wilder contractually obligated to Showtime/PBC and Fury now with ESPN/Top Rank, negotiations for that rematch may have gotten difficult.

There are often complexities to making a superfight when fighters are bound to competing networks. Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson vs Lennox Lewis are several examples.

Earlier this year, Shelly Finkel, Wilder's co-manager said via Forbes, "We are hoping to make the fight and figure out how with this new relationship they have with ESPN that it can be done. I would want to try to make it with Showtime and ESPN (working together). (Haymon) wants to make the fight and that whatever is realistic will get done."


Tyson Fury: Last 6 Fights

Won TKO 2 Tom Schwarz
Jun 15, 2019

Draw 12 Deontay Wilder 
Dec 1, 2018

Won UD 10 Francesco Pianeta
Aug 18, 2018

Won TKO 4 Sefer Seferi 
Jun 9, 2018

Won UD 12 Wladimir Klitschko 
Nov 28, 2015

Won TKO 8 Christian Hammer
Feb 28, 2015


In the end, follow the money. If there's enough to go around to satisfy the fighters, promoters and networks, it'll happen. However, if any of those entities on either side feel like the other side is getting a much better deal, it won't happen.

Quite naturally, everyone will feel a little slighted because no will get everything they want or expect. But, if they are all profiting and/or have something to gain, it's still a win-win and Fury vs Wilder 2 will happen.

Wilder vs Fury was an entertaining and somewhat controversial affair between two elite level champions with big personalities. Who wouldn't want to see it again?

Deontay scored two knockdowns but most believe Fury had outboxed his foe enough to get the verdict.

Should Fury defeat Wallin tonight, let's hope Fury vs Wilder 2 is announced soon.


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