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Tyson Fury unleashes vile Joshua vs Parker rant, insists Wilder KOs AJ

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Former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury wasn't impressed with Anthony's Joshua's win over Joseph Parker yesterday.

In rare form again, the loquacious and comical Fury unleashed verbal jibs at both combatants.

Although the colorful Fury has since deleted his rants on Instagram Saturday night, Joe.co.uk saved it all beforehand.

"That was a sh*t fight and a sh*t performance from both fighters," Fury wrote afterwards.

"Listen, 'AJ', please don't fight Wilder because he'll knock you spark out and take my £50 million."

"That was a load of sh*t. Anthony Joshua is a bum! He's a wooden top. I'll jab his nut in and knock him spark out. The referee needs sacking. Joseph Parker settled for a loss. It was a sh*t fight."

But let's not forget, Tyson...

Your fight with Wladimir Klitschko wasn't exactly a barnburner either.

Taller and with a longer reach, a spry 6'9," Fury out boxed Wlad over twelve dismal rounds. The Brit's size and ability to box and move from the outside completely smothered Wlad's offense, limiting him to a total of 52 total punches and 8 power shots landed in the entire 12 rounds.

The usually-tentative Klitschko took caution to new levels against Fury, fighting with the hesitancy of a soldier walking through a mind field.

And Tyson Fury wasn't much better. Not known for a brutish style in the ring, the young lion offered few fireworks himself, managing to do just enough to win.

Tyson Fury, who hasn't fought in 2 1/2 years and has battled a serious drug problem and weighed over 400 lbs until a few months ago, is training for a summer comeback and it's rumored he'll face Shannon Briggs sometime thereafter.


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