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Tyson Fury TKOs Chisora; Next fight for world title?

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On Saturday, November 29, in front of a sold out crowd at the ExCel Arena in London, England, 6'9" Heavyweight contender Tyson Fury kept his undefeated resume intact as he dominated former title challenger Dereck Chisora and forced him to quit after ten brutal and one sided rounds in their highly anticipated return bout.

The tall, rangy boxer/puncher fought the great majority of the contest out of a southpaw stance, using his superior height and reach to control range. Fury was able to successfully land the jab at will, which consequently set up a healthy dose of hard right hooks and straight left hands.

Although the 6'1" pressure fighter gallantly attempted to cut off the ring and close the distance to get within punching range, Chisora's aggression was met with a steady flow of damaging shots for his efforts.

Fury did a masterful job of using his footwork as the foundation of his defense, consistently stepping around his determined opponent and cracking him with hard shots while out of position.

The few times Chisora was able to get within firing range, the 26 year old fighter easily tied the smaller man up on the inside and waited for the referee in charge to create distance between both combatants.

The surprisingly athletic, near seven foot combatant viciously battered the seemingly overmatched Chisora until his corner decided that he couldn't take any more punishment after the tenth and final round.

After the fight, Tyson had much to say.

"You know first of all, I'd like to dedicate this fight to my uncle Hughie who couldn't be here tonight," stated Tyson Fury.

Tyson's beloved uncle, Hughie Fury, passed away on October 11 of this year as a result of complications stemming from a routine knee surgery that left him in intensive care until the day of his passing.

Tyson Fury's next fight
After the heartfelt dedication by the giant but fleet-footed Heavyweight, he posed a very interesting question for the fight fans in attendance and the viewing audience watching from home.

"Who in the Heavyweight division can box southpaw against a world class opponent and keep from taking any punches," asked the 26 year old contender. "In my opinion, Dereck would give everyone else in the division a very tough fight."

Most ringside observers and boxing pundits would like to see Fury's next fight be against universally recognized Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko sometime in 2015, after such a dominant victory over a top ranked fighter like Dereck Chisora.

According to Fury's longtime promoter, Mick Hennessy, a meeting with the long reigning champ is the ultimate goal for Team Fury.

"The sanctioning organization has given Klitschko a voluntary defense for the first part of 2015, but we've definitely put ourselves in line to get a shot at the title next year," stated the UK based fight promoter. "That's the goal and that's what Tyson wants."

Who do you think Tyson will fight next?


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