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Tyson Fury: "Joshua ain't gonna beat me, and I don't think he'd beat Wilder either."

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With news of a potential benefactor and host site on the horizon, both competing champions, Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, are excited to finally compete in the first undisputed, unified heavyweight championship in the four belt era.
The two giants are seemingly in their fighting prime and claim ownership to every major recognized world title.  When the two men finally meet in the center of the of the ring, it will be the purging of everything to most interested boxing observers.
Although the current WBC and Ring Magazine heavyweight champion truly believes he can't lose, Fury will not be convinced that Joshua will have proven himself to be the best heavyweight on the planet in the event that he is somehow victorious in July.  
"Because he hasn't beaten anybody, yet," Tyson told Behind the Gloves on Sunday.  "To be the best of our era, he had to beat Klitschko, which he did.  Then he has to beat me, and he also has to beat Deontay Wilder."
"When I win this fight, I will be the best of this era, bar none.  I will have beaten everybody...Klitschko, Wilder and Joshua; the three top champions of my era, and I will have beaten them all."
"AJ has to beat Wilder still to be able to say he's the best, because he's not.  He ain't going to beat me, and I don't think he'd beat Wilder either."
Despite arguably losing 17 of the 19 rounds Fury and Wilder shared together, the Gypsy King genuinely believes the former WBC champ is still the second best heavyweight on the planet.
"I don't like Wilder...I don't like what he's said and what he's done.  But as a boxing fan and as a man, I just don't think he can beat Deontay Wilder.  I don't think any of them can."
"LIke I say, I have no love for Wilder at all.  I think he's a piece of s***.  I think he's a big dosser.  I just don't think any of the other heavyweights can beat Deontay Wilder.  There's only one man who could beat him, and that's me.  I honestly think he annihilates the rest of them.  That's the truth...I'd put heavy money on that as well, and I'm not a betting man.  But I'd bet heavy money on Wilder knocking them all out."
While the 32 year old WBC champion does respect his former foe's attributes in the ring, Tyson refuses to put any of Wilder's shocking accusations in the rear view and still has strong feelings about Deontay's unsettling public statements.
"It's one of those things," Tyson revealed to Behind the Gloves.  "It's hurtful, resentful stuff that he's been saying.  It's not sportsmanlike conduct, and it's not something that I'd say about someone without concrete evidence."
"To have a victory taken away from you or tarnished with dirt like that is disrespectful and dishonorable.  As a champion and as a warrior, he's let himself down.  Because he couldn't accept defeat as a real champion would, or as a real man of honor would, he's had to make a million excuses; and then go beyond that and accuse me of cheating, which has sort of belittled my victory over him."
After their second meeting in February of 2020, the seemingly broken heavyweight began his campaign of excuses, citing a heavy costume, poisoned water, loaded gloves and other absurd reasons for the ostensive one-sided loss.
"Not just accused me of cheating, but the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and everyone involved.  So we're all in a conspiracy apparently against Deontay Wilder.  It's absolutely ridiculous.  Like I said, it's hurtful, it's resentful, it's disrespectful and it's dishonorable.  As a man, a champion and a fighting warrior, he's let himself down, he's let his fans down, and let his family name down, I'd say."
"Because he can't accept defeat, he's got to accuse an athlete who did nothing wrong.  I trained my guts out for months on end, and put it all on the line, facing the biggest puncher in heavyweight history and stood toe-to-toe with the mother-******, and knocked him out...beat him!"
"Upsetting really, to say the least.  It's not something I would ever say.  If I got beaten by somebody, I'd say, 'fair play, mate, you're a good man'."
If Anthony Joshua is able to pull off the mild upset in July, it will be interesting to see how Tyson Fury handles what will be his first professional defeat.  
But that's a massive "if".  Let's hope fight fans eventually find out this summer.


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