Tyson Fury is Full of Threats on Twitter

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Tyson Fury is one of the great hopes for Britain having a future Heavyweight champion, but not the only one.

David Price has been brutally knocking out whoever has been put in front of him. Some have questioned the quality of his opposition, whilst others have sung his praises.

Last weekend, Price stopped yet another opponent. This time it was Audley Harrison who didn't make it past the first round. In fact, it only lasted 80 seconds.

All the talk last weekend was on David Price and his future and this seems to have severely aggravated his rival, Tyson Fury

And when Frank Maloney, the promoter of British/Commonwealth heavyweight champion David Price, called out Fury immediately after Price's destruction of Harrison, it probably didnt help matters.

Frank Maloney calls Tyson Fury a coward and offers £500,000 to fight

Fury was quick to respond.

His first remark was aired live on Channel 5. While watching his stable mates fight under the Hennessy banner at a boxing card in Kent, heavyweight contender Tyson Fury promised he'd inflict serious harm to David Price.

The rant was full of hate and hype but it didn't end there.

The 24-year-old, via a video posted to Twitter later on said, "Frank Maloney, David Price. I am contacting your office in the morning you little midget."

Pictured: Tyson Fury rails David Price, Tony Bellew and Frank Maloney via a homemade video


"If you haven't got half a million, like you've been bragging about – which I know you haven't – you're in deep trouble."

"David Price, I am going to put you in intensive care – that's for sure," he said. "And Tony Bellew – he's got to fight me in between rounds – I want the two of you."

In response to Price's reply, Fury tweeted "This is price trying to sell his mother a ticket! Give her a ticket 4 free. Come watch me Mrs. Price!!"

And it wasn't just David Price who was on the receiving end of the angry outburst.

Fury highlighted Eddie Hearn, Tony Bellew, Steve Bunce and David Haye and then stated, "Let me know and they can have it as well."

He seemed particularly annoyed with Steve Bunce who Fury was once on very friendly terms. Where did Bunce go wrong? Perhaps by praising David Price?

Fury unleashed, once again via Twitter, "Can say what I want instead of being afraid like you of getting sacked by Warren if you say one word wrong. Me and you done." 

Another tweet aimed at Bunce read, "I just listened to you & big stiff Price talking. You buncey, [you] are 2 faced and while licking his rear you insult me!"

I like Tyson Fury, watch all his fights and would love to see him face off against David Price.  But he shouldn't attack anyone for simply praising his rival, David Price. This is all very reminiscent of grade school actions and jealousy, and would paint anybody in a bad light, including Tyson Fury.



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