Tyson Fury: 378 lbs?

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According to Mirror UK, former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury recently told a fan he weighed 378 pounds.

"He is visiting family in Torbay, staying in his camper van"

"He was absolutely brilliant, a real gent. He was happy to pose for pictures and chat. He told us he's up to 27 stone (378 pounds) at the moment," fight fan Darren Watts told Mirror UK.

"A lot of people probably wouldn't have recognized him but we did. He really was an absolute gentleman."

"Who'd have thought a world champion would just drop in to your local for a pint?"

In October, Tyson Fury was forced to relinquish his titles, and his boxing license was subsequently suspended as he presumably took a hiatus from boxing to seek treatment for cocaine addiction.

Addiction recovery and weight gain

Following Tyson's announcement, FightSaga warned profound weight gain is a prevalent trait in recovering addicts. Moreover, what concerned us most was Tyson's propensity for putting on excess weight in between bouts even when he was drug-free.

"...Regular cocaine abuse directly interferes with metabolic processes and thereby reduces body fat. This imbalance between fat intake and fat storage may also explain why these individuals gain so much weight when they stop using cocaine,” stated Dr. Karen Ersche from the Behavioral and Clinical Neuroscience Institute at the University of Cambridge told MedicalDaily.com.

“Notable weight gain following cocaine abstinence is not only a source of major personal suffering but also has profound implications for health and recovery,” added Dr. Ersche.

A well-conditioned 247 pounds in his most recent bout in October 2015, his title-taking performance win over Wladimir Klitschko, the 6'9" 28-year-old Fury should probably hire a nutritionist and/or a specialist for weight management purposes.

Given Tyson struggled with his weight prior to being hooked on cocaine, shedding the pounds required to get in top form again will be no easy task.

But Tyson Fury has one thing in his favor - Age.

If Fury was 35, his career as an elite fighter would probably be over, for all intents and purposes. But at 28, Tyson still has a young metabolism.

Remember when George Foreman staged his comeback at 38? Although he lost a lot of weight after coming out of retirement, he remained kind of fat for the rest of his career and was never able to achieve maximum conditioning. But Foreman, because of plodding style, was less dependent of reflexes and finesse than Tyson Fury. Moreover, George's punch was stronger than Tyson's thus making him less reliant on flexibity and quickness.

A fat Foreman was a legitimate heavyweight powerbroker... A fat Tyson Fury wouldn't be.

Thanks to his youth, Fury, with the proper guidance and a lot of work and discipline, can get into top form within a year.

... But does he want it bad enough?


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