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Tyson Fury dismisses injury rumors and guarantees KO victory over Deontay Wilder

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In what's being advertised as the most historically significant heavyweight fight in years, lineal champ Tyson Fury seems to be "champing at the bit" at the mere mention of once again stepping in the ring with current WBC titlist Deontay Wilder.

With both fighters now in Las Vegas, Nevada, doing their promotional rounds with the hundreds of media members on location, Fury has been busy addressing the proverbial elephant in the gym.

Because of the clandestine nature of Tyson's training camp at the Top Rank Gym, rumors have been swirling around the boxing community, regarding the 6'9" fighters strength, conditioning and overall health leading into the biggest fight of his career.

In large part, due to a comment made by rival British promoter Eddie Hearn last week.

While conducting an interview with one of the various, intrusive members of the boxing media, the Managing Director of Matchroom Sport said this curious statement:

"I thought Fury would win the fight," Hearn recently told TalkSport. "But I've heard a few things in camp...it might be rubbish, but now I do think Wilder's going to win the fight by stoppage."

While no one but Eddie knew exactly what the outspoken boxing promoter meant by the aforementioned statement, many fight fans and arm-chair boxing critics have speculated that Tyson suffered an injury in camp, which could hinder his chances for victory this Saturday night.

Upon making his way to the MGM Grand on the Vegas strip, Tyson had much to say about his 7-week training camp with newly appointed head trainer Javan Sugar Hill-Steward and cousin Andy Lee.

"I've had a fantastic training camp," Fury stated to various members of the media after Tuesday's "MGM Grand Arrival". "I couldn't have done anything more and I feel ready to go. I haven't left any stones unturned."

"I've knocked all my sparring partners out cold, and I'm looking like a beast."

When asked specifically about the rumor indirectly created by the always vocal promoter, Tyson had no idea what Eddie Hearn was referring to.

"Injury rumors, 'campfire' rumors...that sort of stuff, I suppose," Fury stated to iFL TV on Tuesday. "I've heard it all myself. I have a bad leg...bad shoulder, bad foot. I've heard it all."

"The only thing I know is that I'll be fighting on Saturday night. Even if my two arms were falling off I'd still be fighting on Saturday night. Don't worry about that."

Although Tyson dismissed the rumors, specifically Eddie Hearn's comments, the Gypsy King didn't exactly deny having any physical ailment heading into the highly anticipated match up.

To be fair, most fighters aren't without some kind of physical hindrance after a long, grueling training camp. Every world-class fighter and former champion insists they would be worried that they didn't train hard enough if something wasn't bothering them physically.

To Fury's credit, he did say that he was "ready to go" for Saturday night.

Perhaps a physical ailment is a primary reason for the change in fight strategy?

Leading up to his showdown with Deontay Wilder, the 31-year-old boxer/puncher has insisted that he plans to KO the reigning WBC champion in just two rounds.

Fury claims the change in strategy has absolutely nothing to do with any kind of physical hindrance, rather a bit of simple, logical reasoning.

"You have a greater chance of getting knocked out the longer the fight goes," Tyson stated to iFL TV. "The longer you're in there with him, the odds are better that you'll get hit once or twice."

"So to cut the odds down, he's got to be taken out of there quickly."

Fury also feels emboldened by how relatively easy his first fight with Deontay actually was. The charismatic Briton insists that Wilder was one of his easiest opponents to date.

"It was one of the easiest fights I've ever experienced...physically and mentally, in terms of pace...everything. It was a bit too easy, which is why I got dropped. Up until round nine, he really didn't land a clean punch. I was like, surely this can't be that easy. Next thing I knew, bang...the shot behind the ear...it was a wake up call."

"I've had much harder fights than that."

The consummate showman genuinely believes he will make good on his pre-fight prognostication, and deliver a resounding KO victory this Saturday night.

"Look, I have to be brutally honest, even though I'm trying to sell this fight. Deontay Wilder, as great of a champion as he's been, has the boxing ability of a six-round fighter...with a massive punch," stated the Gypsy King to ESPN.

"If Tyson Fury does not beat Deontay Wilder, then Tyson Fury is a bum. I'm no lineal champion...if I can't beat Deontay Wilder, I'm a bum."

The truth will inevitably be revealed this Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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