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Tyson Fury can comeback but Adrien Broner can't?

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2016 has been an admittedly forgettable year thus far within the fight community. From fans to promoters, every active participant seems to be licking their respective wounds well into the final quarter of the fiscal year.

For two fighters specifically, the sixteenth year of the third millennium has been especially regrettable.

Lineal Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and former four division world titlist Adrien Broner have both seen better days. If mere existence were a prizefight, life would be leading on all of the judges scorecards, dishing out heavy punishment and potentially irreparable damage to both courageous ring warriors, heading into the championship rounds.

But in life, as in the squared circle, every fighter has a punchers chance, and anything can happen while performing in the theater of the unexpected. And although most indeed love a good comeback story, many critics and detractors seem to be relishing in the demise of both dastardly boxing villains, and don't foresee a cinematic "feel good" ending for one or possibly both men.

When pondering the chances of whether or not Tyson and/or Adrien can successfully recapture their stature among boxing's elite, experienced fight trainer Abel Sanchez makes the claim that one fighter's outlook appears to be much more promising.

"I think Tyson is talented in an awkward way, and if he gets himself straightened out, I think he has a good chance of coming back and beating some guys because of his size," Sanchez recently stated to FightHype.com. "For Adrien, he has a couple of losses already...I don't think Adrien will do as well coming back."

With careful consideration to both respective fighters' careers, as well as their relative divisions, the veteran boxing coach could be onto something.

When looking at the landscape of the seemingly wide open Heavyweight division, Fury's size, intelligence and ambidextrous skill set poses a serious problem for most of the division's top fighters. What Tyson lacks in power, he more than makes up for with his impressive aforementioned attributes. The Irish Gypsy's ability to move fluidly for an almost seven foot man, and his ability to control distance from mid to long range makes him a stylistic nightmare for most lumbering members of boxing's glamour division.

And fortunately for Tyson, there is no weight restriction for the Heavyweight division.

Adrien Broner, on the other hand, will have to overcome serious adversity to regain his stature as an elite level fighter among the sport's deepest division of 147 pounds. Although the "Cincinnati Kid' has recently stated that he'll have no problem making the Super Lightweight limit of 140 pounds, how realistic is the goal for the Queen City's favorite problem child?

In Broner's last four bouts, since March of 2015, the 27 year old fighter has only been successful in making the Junior Welterweight requirement one time. At 5'6", the ability to compete at Super Lightweight seems imperative for Broner's chances of success in the ring.

Coach Abel believes Adrien's history of not being able to make weight and his apparent lack of discipline speaks volumes of his probability in returning to prominence within the sport.

"I don't think Adrien's ready to do what he did in the past to become champion, the sacrifices he made to become a world champion, whereas I think Fury would."

Hopefully both fighters can become healthy enough emotionally to compete in the ring next year.

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