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Tyson Fury: 'Bad Boy' of Boxing Issues New Insults

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Tyson Fury (20-0, 14 KO’s) is at it again.
The 24 year old, 6'9" British boxer is apparently still perturbed he hasn't received a title shot against one of the Klitschkos.
It was recently announced lineal heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko will face Francesco Pianeta (28-0-1, 15 KOs) on May 4th and Mr. Fury had some choice words for Wladimir as a result.
Pianeta is ranked No. 14 by BoxRec and, although unbeaten, has yet to face a 'name' opponent.

The unbeaten British 'Bad Boy,' now ranked No. 8 in the heavyweight division by BoxRec, told I Film London (below):

fury bad boy2

"I’ve got one thing to say to Wladimir Klitschko, you are a p***y old son. When you grow a pair of b*lls, come fight me and I’ll relieve you of all your belts. I’ll leave that glass chin of yours in shatters all over the ring."

"Obviously that’s not going to happen because he’s never going to fight me. We already know this because you’re going to retire before you fight me…the challenge is there for both Klitschkos; grow a pair of b*lls; come fight me or f*** off!"
But aside from defeating an out-of-shape Dereck Chisora nearly two years ago, Tyson Fury, like Pianeta, hasn't exactly faced the 'creme de la creme' of the heavyweight division.
Kubrat Pulev, Chris Arreola, David Haye, Tony Thompson, Tomasz Adamek, Alexander Povetkin, Odlanier Solis and Robert Helenius... A win over any of the aforementioned contenders would legitimize his claim for a title shot.

Of course, Tyson Fury would insist they are all afraid to fight him.

But a win over a Top 10 heavyweight would make Tyson Fury more marketable and appealing to the masses, and thus make Klitschko vs Fury bigger and more profitable.

Credit to Steve Cunningham (25-5, 12 KO’s) for stepping up to the plate. The under-sized heavyweight, who lost a highly-controversial decision to highly-ranked Tomasz Adamek in December, has agreed to face the British 'Bad Boy' on April 20th at Madison Square Garden in NYC.
Although a quality fighter in either division, heavyweight or cruiserweight, most scribes see this as a terrible style match-up for the 6'3" American who recently became a heavyweight. Essentially, Fury vs Cunningham is a big heavyweight versus a blown-up cruiserweight.

And unlike David Haye, another small heavyweight, Cunningham doesn't possess the former's awkwardly-cunning ring instincts nor his explosiveness or extraordinary power.  

Fury vs Cunningham fight poster

tyson fury

Nevertheless, Steve Cunningham is well-skilled, possesses good speed and is a far greater threat than nearly all of Fury's previous opponents - And more importantly, he's capable of outboxing Tyson if taken lightly.
Is Tyson Fury taking Steve Cunningham lightly?
Given what he's been saying, its certainly a possibility.
"I don't think there's another fighter in the UK in any division that's good enough to lace my shoelaces... I'm the pound-for-pound number one," stated Tyson in the same interview.

Does Fury really think that?  And 'lace his shoelaces?'

Perhaps what he should be saying is: I'm 24 years old, have had only 20 fights and still have a lot to learn.

But Tyson Fury speaks his mind and should be given some respect for putting himself out there. 

When or if Fury loses, all of his taunts and insults will come back to haunt him because he will have already set himself up for ridicule and condemnation thanks to his many tirades.

Perhaps Mr. Fury should ask fellow Brit David Haye what happens to the reputations of fighters who put themselves on a high pedestal, make extraordinary promises and then fail to live up to expectations?

If Fury defeats Cunningham and fights Tony Thompson as expected, we'll find out a lot more about what this British 'Bad Boy' has to offer.

He may very well bring the goods. Who knows?

Klitschko vs Fury in 2014... Don't be surprised if it happens. And when it does, it will be huge.

(The interview can be seen in its entirey below)


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