Tyson Fury: 'Bad boy' of boxing at it again

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Charismatic, outspoken top 10 heavyweight and WBO mandatory challenger Tyson Fury sure knows how to generate buzz outside the ring.

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Last April, the exuberant Fury was pulled over by police for allegedly driving on the shoulder lane in a presumed attempt to evade traffic.

After the stop, the British boxer allegedly railed officers.

“I’m a boxer, I’m a superstar, I’m a celebrity," exclaimed Tyson who threatened to report them for jealousy.

This past week, the trial proceeded without Fury who claimed to have diarrhea. And, not surprisingly, the Brit was convicted for some form of reckless driving and cited for operating a vehicle without insurance.

Tyson fury was fined and slapped with eight points on his driving record, bringing his total to eleven. As a result, the 26 year old is one point shy of getting his license taken away.

Fury, fresh off a dominant TKO performance against a presumably faded Dereck Chisora last November, will face Christian Hammer at the O2 Arena on February 28.

A bit of a wildman, Fury is known for his outside-the-ring antics and often makes headlines with his verbal rants.

In March 2013, the unbeaten British 'Bad Boy' of boxing told I Film London, "I’ve got one thing to say to Wladimir Klitschko. You are a p**** old son. When you grow a pair of b***s, come fight me and I’ll relieve you of all your belts."

"I’ll leave that glass chin of yours in shatters all over the ring."

If Tyson Fury becomes champion, one thing is for certain... His reign will be anything but boring.


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