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Triple G vs Floyd Mayweather? No one expected Julio Cesar Chavez Sr to fight elite middleweights

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Last night, heavy-handed unified middleweight champion Gennady 'Triple G' Golovkin did what many expected.

Arguably the sport's best active fighter, Triple G floored previously-unbeatan Dominic Wade three times en route to a second round knockout.

Now what? 

Who's next for Golovkin.

Following Floyd Mayweather's decision win over Manny Pacquiao in May 2015, many in boxing have been clamoring about the prospect for Mayweather vs Triple G. And while Floyd is officially retired, his decision to hang 'em up hasn't stopped fans and the media from discussing the hypothetical match-up.

After the conclusion of Golovkin vs Wade last night, FightHypeTV caught up with HBO's Max Kellerman who shared his insight on Mayweather vs Golovkin.

"Floyd knows Gennady's not easy work...Floyd would have very little chance to last the distance with Gennady Golovkin," Max told FightHypeTV.

Insisting Floyd is an all-time great, Kellerman suggests that while Mayweather may better than Triple G pound for pound, Gennady would knockout Floyd in a head-to-head showdown.

"Gennady is too big and too strong."

"I don't think Floyd should be pressured into fighting a middleweight. Floyd did start at 130 lbs."

And even if both men fought at 154 lbs, Triple G would be naturally bigger and stronger. That stated, if Floyd was still still active and Golovkin (at 154) became Floyd's mandatory, Mayweather should be expected to face him.

... But Floyd last fought at 147 and is retired. Given he's not a 154 lb belt-holder, he has the option to refuse such a fight on legitimate grounds without being bashed.

No one expected the great Julio Cesar Chavez, who also won his first world title at 130 lbs, to fight elite opponents at 160 or even 154 lbs.

Should we expect Orlando Salido and Nick Walters to fight elite middleweights one day?

It's extremely rare for a fighter who debuted at super featherweight to fight professionally - and on the elite level - as a middleweight. In fact, it may have never been done.

However, it's very common for middleweights to become super middleweights and light heavyweights.

Perhaps Triple G should move up in weight, like the Leonards, Hearnses, Mayweathers and Pacqiuiaos, if he wants the bigger fights?

The onus should be on Canelo Alvarez to face Triple G, not Floyd.


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