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Trainer Ronnie Shields: "Tim Bradley made a mistake by giving Manny Pacquiao extra motivation"

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Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it. By this time, most ardent fight fans have seen the HBO promotional segment "Face Off: Bradley vs. Pacquiao II" with Max Kellerman, which aired this past weekend on the sports premier platform.

In arguably the most intriguing and entertaining featurette of the traditional pre-fight series, current WBO Welterweight title holder Tim Bradley adamantly stated ,"The only way you're going to beat me, Manny, is to knock me out.

If you don't knock me out, I'm telling you right now you're not going to win" while staring directly at the Filipino icon.

"That hunger that he's looking for is no longer there," claimed the two division champion. "And he can't get it back."

"It's gone. It's gone, Manny."

While seemingly daring the eight division world champion as if to say, "Prove that you have what it takes to knock me out", veteran trainer Ronnie Shields believes that Tim may have talked himself into a severe beating on April 12th.

"Every fighter who has been through as much as a man like Manny Pacquiao, needs a spark that's going to ignite their competitive fire," insists the Houston, Texas based coach. "They look for that added motivation and competitive edge to help them stay focused and hungry while training."

"Bradley just gave it to him. He gave him the spark Manny needed to stay focused and sharp during preparation."

"The more you talk, a good fighter will pick it up and use it every single time. After years of doing the same training regimen, a fighter always looks for that factor or angle that will serve as motivation while he pushes himself in the gym."

In some match-ups, especially when pitted against a more defensive minded opponent, antagonizing "mind games" will occasionally get a reserved fighter who usually doesn't offer many windows of opportunity within a prizefight to uncharacteristically open up.

According to Coach Shields, this isn't one of those match-ups.

ronnie shields

"As if a fight with Manny wasn't difficult enough," claims the future Hall of Fame trainer. "Now he has to face a very motivated version of Pacquiao on April 12th."

"In boxing, sometimes you get what you ask for."

"I really think Tim messed up. Why would you give a fighter like Manny even more motivation than he already has?"

"In my opinion, Tim will be lucky to see seven or eight rounds of this fight."


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