Tony Thompson stuns Odlanier Solis

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This evening from Tekirdag, Turkey, two-time title challenger Tony “The Tiger” Thompson (39-4, 26 KOs) upset Olympic Gold medal winner Odlanier Solis (20-2, 13 KOs) by way of split decision with scores of 115-114, 112-116, and 115-113. With the big victory, Thompson captures the WBC International strap and moves himself into title contention once again at age 42.

Because the WBC sanctioned the event, the “open scoring” rule was implemented throughout the fight and seemed to have a great affect on the action in the ring.

In the opening stanza, the tall, rangy American Heavyweight did a very good job of keeping the Cuban exile at a safe distance by using the jab and effective lateral movement.

Although the hard punching 33 year old Miami resident attempted to reach in with the occasional right hand, Tony was successful in keeping his opponent from mid to long range.

In round two, Solis did a much better job of exhibiting his superior hand speed and counter punching ability by landing several clean shots to the body and head of the 42 year old fighter that seemed to dictate the pace of the fight and carry the round.

The next two rounds displayed Thompson once again taking control of the action with the jab and lateral movement, with Solis not really landing anything of consequence.

Tony did a very good job of limiting his jab and occasional left hook to sporadic and disjunct intervals to minimize the amount of opportunities offered to the hard, counter punching Cuban native.

While it seemed that Thompson had taken three of the first four rounds by acting as the busier ring general, open scoring disclosed the fact that the decorated Olympian was surprisingly winning the fight on every judge’s card at ringside.

As a result, the next four stanzas showed a more aggressive version of the former American title challenger, with Thompson pressing the action and putting his punches together in combination from mid to short range.

Thompson trudged forward and did the more effective work on the inside, smothering the offense of Odlanier Solis and limiting his range on the inside. Although the seemingly lethargic Cuban fighter fired off the occasional right hand whenever Thompson gave him room to work, it was the 6’5” southpaw that seemed to outwork and outland his opponent.

Consequently, two of the three judges cards reflected a shift in the official scoring from ringside. According to their scorecards after eight rounds, Thompson was leading 77-75 on two ballots, while Solis enjoyed a sizeable advantage of 78-74 on the third tally.

With Solis’ corner completely aware of the apparent deficit on the judges’ scorecards, Odlanier attempted to work with a sudden sense of urgency and began to use his feet to create distance between himself and the much taller Tony Thompson.

Despite having some success setting traps and landing sharp right hands throughout the final third of the Heavyweight contest, Thompson did a masterful job of once again controlling the action by letting his hands go with greater frequency and successfully turning his opponent after firing off combinations from short range.

After the twelve round contest had concluded, the judges verdict seemed just due to the huge gaps in offensive output from the once heralded Cuban Olympian, and the steady workrate and ring generalship of the American Heavyweight. scored the contest 117-111 in favor of Tony “The Tiger” Thompson from Washington D.C.

The fight was held in Turkey, where Solis’ longtime manager and handler, Ahmet Oner, is originally from.

Although the Arena Box-Promotions president is based out of Hamburg, Germany, the former Light Heavyweight fighter was born in Istanbul, Turkey.


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