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Mike Tyson vs McNeeley: Was time traveler in the crowd? (Video)

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Were smartphones around in Summer 1995?

There's no data to suggest that even wealthiest of individuals had small camera phones.

According to wikipedia, the first camera phone was sold in 2000 in Japan but there's speculation they may have on the market as early as late 1999.

The footage in the attached video may, at first, seem pretty normal.

People are at a boxing match cheering, and a man can be seen snapping pics of Mike Tyson with his smartphone.

Nothing out of the ordinary, right?

Wait! What?

It's August 19, 1995. The camera phone is still 4-5 years away.

If someone time-traveled (if that exists), it's understandable why they went back to Mike Tyson vs Peter McNeeley.

A legend even then, Tyson was fighting for the first time in four years following his incarceration. His opponent was Peter McNeeley and the high-profile fight garnered international headlines, and would become the highest grossing fight in history to that point.

It was a pretty big deal and a must-see spectacle if time travel is an option.

In the attached video, Tyson is in the ring and waiting for the opening bell. (The fight ended in 93 secords after McNeeley's handlers jumped in the ring to save their fighter from further punishment)

Is that a smartphone being used by a man near the front row?

Does time travel really exist?


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