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Tim Bradley: “Chris Algieri is going to learn what fast is all about when he faces Manny Pacquiao”

Joseph Herron Updated
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At a recent media roundtable with current WBO Junior Welterweight titlist Chris Algieri, the topic of speed was introduced into the discussion. The Huntington, New York, native shared his thoughts on the “relative” issue of quickness in the ring.

“Brandon Rios made Manny Pacquiao look lightning fast,” stated Chris Algieri. “And in his next fight with Tim Bradley, Manny still looked fast, but not as fast. Tim’s not necessarily known as a fast guy…I am. What's going to happen when he gets in the ring with me? It’s all relative…speed is a relative thing in the ring.”

Two division world champion Tim Bradley learned of Algieri’s recent comments to the press and understandably took exception to the 30 year old fighter’s comments.

“Did he (Chris Algieri) just say that he’s faster than me,” questioned the fighter also known as Desert Storm. “Oh my God! (laughing) That’s hilarious! ‘Tim’s fast but he’s not known as a fast guy’…well what am I known for then, kid?”

In the attached video, courtesy of Top Rank, Inc, the 31 year old California native seemed genuinely insulted by the sincerity of Algieri’s comments.

“Really? Like really? Ah, man…he’s gonna learn. He’s gonna learn November 22nd, what fast is all about.”

This Saturday night, the Long Island based fighter is slated to take on the only eight division world champion the sport of boxing has ever seen, Manny Pacquiao. The Pacman is a future Hall of Famer who has built his legacy on speed, power, and tenacity.

Tim has witnessed first hand how fast Manny truly is inside the squared circle...twice.

Manny Pacquiao? Lightning fast feet, reflexes, angles…he’s going to see what that’s like. He definitely is. Good luck to him though…good luck to him.”

After pondering on Algieri’s commentary one final time, Tim was compelled to address the perceived misconception.

“He’s faster than me…really,” Bradley rhetorically asked while laughing. “Are you serious? Algieri’s faster than me?!! Are you serious?!! C’mon, man!! You’ve got to be kidding me, man!!”

“You’re taller…but not faster!!”

According to the fighter who currently boasts a 1-1 record with Manny Pacquiao, Chris will have a greater understanding of what “speed” truly is after November 22nd.

Saturday night can’t come soon enough!!


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