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The Week in boxing, June 18, 2018

Spence and the protected welterweight elites
Errol Spence dominates again. Did you think the result Saturday night would be any different? His opponent was weak, and despite being the mandatory for the belt he was still raw and had previously engaged in a bout with any top 20 welterweights.

It is absolutely ridiculous that the top Welterweights are not - and will not - face one another now and in order to maximize profit and minimize risk. It's the most talented division in professional boxing with Thurman on "sabbatical in Vienna writing a thesis on European history" and Garcia and Porter not getting the opportunity. Also, add Crawford to the mix. All of them will sit on their titles.

Cut the umbilical cord, please... The concept by DeLa Hoya to marinate or percolate goes out the window. Too much percolation leads to evaporation. The fight game today is not like it was in the 80s where everyone fought everybody.

Taras Shelestyuk
Taras Shelestyuk from the Ukraine seems to be the odd man out and promoter avoided. The 2012 Olympic medalist has a 16-0 (10) record with a stellar amateur career and is trained by Freddie Roach. His quest for credibility on the worldwide scale has been put in "mothballs" by his unsavory promoter and manager Arthur Pellilo.

... A similar fate was imposed on Russian slugger Artur Beterbiev by Gym promotions.

Over-the-top showcase / "Mystery" cancellation?
From London, 2016 Olympic Heavyweight Silver Medalist Joe Joyce from Great Britain defeated his opponent via a first round knockout; Ivica Bacurin 30-14-1 (6) who he outweighed by 50lbs. The Creation went down and out on a "grazed punch" to the head.

Bacurin was a late replacement for phenom prospect from Ghana, 6"5 Richard Nii Lartey 13-1 (9), who let promoters be known he wanted better fights. By some mystery, Lartey cancelled the last minute and Bacurin who was a listless shop-worn fighter who presented no opposition.

Due to his age, 32, Joyce has been on a fast track since turning pro to achieve relevant status in the heavyweight division. The fight with Lartey would have been high risk little reward with the hungry prospect "Out of Africa".

The Charlo twins and Showtime's circus atmosphere
It was in poor taste to give the Charlo twins complimentary front row tickets to the Showtime presentation with the Spence fight. Both vying for attention were wearing sunglasses in a closed arena and Jermell was wearing a top something out of Ringling Brothers Circus with polka dots. They stuck out like 2 thumbs on the television screen.

During the 122 lb preliminary championship fight between Danny Roman and Moises Flores, both Charlos looked completely disinterested in the bouts. It was disrespectful to the fighters and to the respective division for all the world to see. It's divisive and sets a poor example for kids coming up. Somehow, I think that Haymon and Watson created the whole scenario.

Incidentally... I once had an argument over the radio with Al Haymon in his defense of his protege and advisor Sam Watson about the latter's posturing and shuckin' and jivin' on the television screen every week, taking attention away from his fighters. Haymon retorted that Sam Watson was the biggest and best boxing mind in the business.

Captain Cheat?
Marco 'Captain' Huck is the dirtiest goon I've seen in my 50 years of watching boxing. How he held onto the WBO Cruiserweight title for 6 years without being disqualified or suspended is beyond my comprehension. The German Boxing establishment had let him get away with his antics because he was their cash cow. Now, he is campaigning at heavyweight and much hasn't changed. He was his usual dirty self, KOing Kayoed Yacob Saglam 40-5 (37) in the third round in Munich this past weekend.

Next week...
Next week we take to another circus that Showtime will broadcast from the Masonic Temple in Detroit for a double female card. The attention given to these fights take precedence over an important fight overseas between phenom Josh Taylor and Victor Postol which should be televised.


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