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Fury vs Pianeta
Former Unified Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury 27-0 (19) continued on his comeback against Francesco Pianetta 35-5-1 (21) who had once been a cancer patient. The latter brought a formidable record to the match but obviously used a glorified sparring partner to showcase Fury's progress up to this point.

Pianetta did not come to win. He had numerous opportunities to take advantage of Fury's flaws and counter or initiate but there was a pronounced lack of effort. Perhaps Pianetta put up no opposition or threat to "The Gypsy King" because he was returning a favor to the European Boxing powers that be because Wladimir Klitschko once threw him a bone and a decent payday after a testaculur malignancy sidelined him in 2013? Klitschko knocked him out in the early rounds.

The chemotherapy that Pianetta received in his ordeal was probably not as devastating as the psychotropic protocol that was been administered to Fury . The damage that it has done to his body will continue to resonate the rest of his limited career.

The limitations were evident from his "nervous breakdown" in that he displayed slowness of reflexes and had no absolute strength or command in his left hand. To add insult to injury, WBC titelist Deontay Wilder was watching like a vulture stalking on his dying prey, looking to capitalize as the two will meet sometime at the end of the year.

Fury is marketable so it is in boxing's best interest for him to make a complete recovery. He sells due to his pigmentation and markets himself better than any other pugilist since Muhammad Ali.

Lineal champion?
What in the hell does Lineal Champion mean? The dude hasnt fought competetively in 2 and a half years, What does that exactly mean?

On the other co-feature, Featherweight Carl Frampton 26-1 (15) put on a clinic in besting marginal opponent from Australia, Luke Jackson,16-1 (7). Frampton was hitting him with devastating shots to the head and chin but the game adversary was walking through them despite being visibly affected by the accumulation.

It seems that Frampton may be losing a little edge in his ability to knockout a combatant due to his many hard battles and age. Frampton was finally able to take out Jackson with a couple of perfectly placed body punches.

Haye in broadcast booth?
It was noted that former Heavyweight Champion David Haye brings alot to the table in color commentary for Sky Sports who handled the affair.

44 year old Corley marches on
Forty-four year old DeMarcus Corley was in action AGAIN, fighting for the 5th time this year. He lost a close decision to 22 year old unbeaten prospect Mykal Fox 17-0. This had been Corley's 84th professional fight in what has been a long, distinguished career. Three weeks ago he lost a barn burner to former champion Vivian Harris in which there were multiple knockdowns on both sides. Harris won a UD.

A match of infamous proportions took place in Atlantic City at the Ocean Resort casino which was covered as ESPN+ monthly feature.

Who cares contest?
Alexander Dimitrenko, 6'6" 36 year old and the biggest stiff in Professional Boxing, 44-4 (26) fought former title opponent Bryant Jennings 24-2 (14). Jennings was mostly complacent in the match and was subjected to Dimitrenko's slow jab for a good portion of the night, and was even knocked down by a solid right in the 4th round.

Dimitrenko, who never comes to a big fight to win, actually took a knee to a punch that never connected. He looked slow and was extremely deliberate in executing his offense to make the fight look Kosher. Eventually, Jennings took him out in the 9th round on punches that looked like they had no mustard on them.

Jennings' trainer John David Jackson said of the opponent, "Dimitrenko looks for opportunities to lay down in a fight". What a disgrace in the gambling town!

Great movie!
For those of you interested in one of the greatest boxing movies ever made, see Body and Soul (1947) starring John Garfield and Lili Palmer. It is recognized as the first boxing movie to examine corruption in the fight game as is the 'Grandfather' of the subject matter in which all fight films followed.

Garfield was nominated for an Oscar for this one. You cant miss it.

Boxing in Africa
Does anybody have any clue what type of landscape produces boxers coming out of the Continent of Africa? With 1.4 Billion inhabitants,there are currently 9 top ten fighters in respective weight divisions rated by Ring Magazine. The income of the average person coming from Sub Saharan Africa is approximately $2,000 per year. The,ABU, (The African Boxing Union Organization) is a non-profit subsidierary governed by the WBC as a viable organization that conducts a competetive sanction for fighters all over the Continent. It is divided into 3 regional zones and has a champion in each weight division. The President is Houcine Houichi from Tunisia and the organization was formed in 1973.

WBSS Bantamweight Tournament
The WBSS Bantamweight tournament will take place also next month, in addition to the 140 pound tournament. The following is a an assessment of the 122 pounders who will be entering the contest to win the Muhammad Ali trophy in that respective division.

Mikhail Aloyan  4-0 Russia, 29, 5'5, southpaw, decorated amatuer as a flyweight.
Good combination puncher, good footwork, defense is good, hands held high most of the time, good body movement, counter puncher, wide range in his arsenal but masters none, lunges at times with his punches. He also lacks an effective jab.

Zolani Tete 27-3 (21), South Africa, 30, 5'9 southpaw WBO champion, 11 fight win streak against all premier competition, 72 inch reach.
He resembles Andre Dirrell in style, fundamentally sound keeps distance,is effecient in punching volume and consistency, usually stands toe to toe, uses angles, his defense is not on par with his offense; can be hurt.

Jason Maloney 17-0 (14) Australia, 27, orthodox, 
well balanced, power in both hands, good upper body movement, is a great finisher and sometimes lets his opponents into the fight.

Ryan Burnett 19-0 (9),,Northern Ireland,26  5'4, orthodox, IBF Champion Super Bantamweight 94-4 as an amatuer
Not a busy fighter, strong upper body, puts 100% in evrey punch, only 47% kayo rate, keeps distance, not much of an inside game

Emanuel Rodriguez 18-0 (12) Puerto Rico, 26, 5'6 orthodox, IBF Champion
Probably the most fundamentally sound fighter in the tournament, good balance, heavy handed, good work rate, good defense. He's been a protected fighter, no creativity and adjustment to a plan B is suspect.

Naoye Inoue, !6-0 (14), Japan, 25 orthodox, WBA Champion, 75-6 amatuer record,
Unpredictable, speed abounds, fast on his feet, excellent ring generalship, changes speeds, agressiveness, demolishes formidable fighters, can be counter punched, in his 2 fights that went the distance he loses steam in the later rounds

Juan Carlos Payano 20-1 (9), Dominican Republic, 34, southpaw, 5'5, 421-25 amatuer record, 2004 and 2008 Olympian.Former WBA Champiion.
All action fighter, well conditioned, great body movement and footwork, great command in both hands,little defense,Swings wild punches at times.

Nonito Donaire 38-5 (24) Phillippines 35, 5'8, orthodox, held weight division titles in multiple divisions with WBO, WBA, IBF and WBC, future Hall of famer.
Has power in either hand, left hook, uppercut is dangerous,good upper body and head movement,right lead; Has, at times, limited footwork, provides a target when squaring up, a rythem fighter and reflexes have appeared to slow up. 

Great times coming up!


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