The Klitschkos: Brothers Champion - Part I

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(Brothers Champion: Part I of IV)

During a span from the late '70s to the early '80s, a hot little R&B act known as Brothers Johnson rocked the scene with such feel good and timeless hits as I'll Be Good To You, Strawberry Letter 23, and The Stomp.

Unfortunately, brotherly love was not enough to keep the hits rolling and the duo parted ways after not nearly enough time at the top of the charts.

While family infighting led to the Brothers Johnson untimely demise, it is what more than likely propelled boxing brothers Vitali & Wladimir Klitschko, as well as Rafael and Juan Manuel Marquez to very top of our beloved fight game.

Klitschko Brothers

The Ukrainian power houses, 'Brothers Klitschko', arrived in the mid 90s, and with few bumps in the road, raced to heavyweight and boxing immortality. became a three time world champion and will be forever more remembered for his bravery and toughness in a losing cause to Hall of Famer Lennox Lewis.

Vitali amazed the boxing world again, when after a four year injury riddled retirement, regained the heavyweight title by knockout versus Sammuel Peter in his very first trip back to the ring.

With a total of 13 successful title defenses and a 87% KO rate, this behemoth put fear into hearts of all who dared face him.

Brother Wlad's reign continues today, holding all of the major belts except his brother's old WBC strap. After amassing 17 straight defenses and nearing the age of 39, this all-time great has positioned himself for a run on Larry Holmes' and Joe Louis' all time benchmarks of 20 and 25 consecutive defenses, respectively.

Together, Vitali and Wlad have almost an unimaginable record 39-4 in world title fights!

As the boxing world gets set for what should be an extraordinary 2015, close followers of the sweet science look both forward and back at the considerable accolades of the Klitschko and Marquez brothers, and compare the possibilities for the Dirrells and Charlos...

Can the Dirrells and Charlos put together simultaneous championship reigns?

Can they collect 'chips' in multiple divisions?? And, can they launch their careers towards pound for pound supremacy and put themselves in the conversation besides Vitali, Juan Manuel, Wladimir and Rafeal?

Their loving mothers all now rest assured, knowing those brotherly brawls in basements and over the top of dining room tables, all served for good, pushing these men toward historical boxing greatness!

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