Terence Crawford: The next Floyd Mayweather?

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Promoters are always looking for the next PPV star of boxing.

They spend millions of dollars every year in prospect development, hoping to find “the next big thing” in the sport. But very few fighters ever reach their true money making potential or arrive on the biggest platforms of the fringe American pastime.

It takes a very special fighter to become a genuine, high dollar commodity in boxing.

This weekend, one of these rare, potential superstars will be competing on the sport’s most respected platform, Home Box Office. Former WBO Lightweight Champion Terence Crawford will be taking center stage, hoping to take one step closer to that extraordinary pinnacle of the sweet science.

With an elite level skill set and a massive fan base in his home area of Omaha, Nebraska, the 27 year old prizefighter has an unlimited ceiling and an extremely bright future.

Three decade fight trainer James Gogue believes Terence Crawford has the potential to become the next Floyd Mayweather Jr. of boxing.

“This kid is not only extremely skilled, but he’s ambidextrous as well,” claims the prolific talent scout.

“He has the ability to fight out of an orthodox or southpaw stance with equal skill and coordination. His lead hand from the left position is just as good as his lead from the right hand position.”

“He’s a stylistic nightmare for every fighter in boxing."

"Outside of Floyd Mayweather Jr., he’s the most difficult match-up in and around his weight class. There are so many dimensions to his fight game."

"Terence can box you, counter effectively, fight from multiple ranges and angles…Crawford is a ‘Rubik’s Cube’ in the ring.”

The experienced fight trainer explains why Crawford is such an enigma for virtually every fighter in the sport.

“Crawford usually likes to start out fighting from an orthodox stance with a lead left hand. And if he feels he can control range from the right handed position, he’ll continue using it effectively. But if he starts getting touched up from that posture, and the momentum of the bout starts to swing in the direction of his opponent, he’ll switch to fighting out of the southpaw stance.”

“Once he switches positions on his opponents, they’re forced to reset. Any momentum that they had up to that point comes to a screeching halt. You have to reset yourself, re-evaluate the situation and come up with another plan of attack and defense.”

“And when a fighter has to prepare for a guy like Terence Crawford, you have to spar with both right and left handed fighters. And you really have no idea when he’s going to switch. Terence is talented and coordinated enough to switch positions at any time during any given round. That’s virtually impossible to prepare for with proficiency.”

Although the Midwestern attraction possesses the ability to eventually claim the pound for pound throne of the boxing kingdom, the three decade fight trainer and prolific boxing manager recognizes one glaring deficiency in Terence Crawford’s brand which could hinder his potential in becoming a PPV star.

“The only variable I see standing in the way of Terence achieving mainstream success is his humble personality," states James Gogue. "It’s not enough just to be proficient in the ring. That’s what separates boxing from other sports. To become a superstar in other popular American sports, the only requirements are great stats and consistent productivity on their respective field of play.”

“That’s not good enough in the sport of boxing. Look how many world champions and title holders are still relative unknowns to mainstream and casual boxing fans? A fighter needs that ‘X-Factor’ to become a big money commodity and superstar in boxing. And it’s not something you can force on the real bosses of boxing, the paying customers…they have to be the ones to anoint the stars of the sport. Either they like you or they don’t.”

“There’s no definite recipe for super stardom…but having charisma and an extroverted personality helps.”

Does Terence Crawford have the potential to become the next “Floyd Mayweather Jr.” of boxing?

The ultimate judge and jury of the sport, the always passionate fight fans, will have another opportunity to see the Omaha, Nebraska native work when he faces Puerto Rican prospect Thomas Dulorme on HBO “Boxing After Dark”. The show is slated to begin at 9:45PM ET/PT.

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