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Teddy Atlas provides 'Keys to Victory" and bold prediction for "Wilder vs. Fury 2"

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Now that "Fight Week" for Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury 2 has officially taken-off and both combatants have landed in Vegas, respected fight trainer and expert analyst Teddy Atlas has come up with his "Big Fight" prediction and analysis for both competing fighters.

In "The Fight Plan" with Teddy Atlas and videographer Samuel Rivera, the renowned boxing coach claims the outcome for this weekend's big rematch will ultimately be decided by which heavyweight can make the appropriate adjustments from their first performance on December 1st, 2018.

"Just like at halftime in this year's SuperBowl...the team that was able to make the adjustments won the game. The Chiefs made the adjustments at halftime and outscored the 49ers 21-0 in the 4th quarter."

"It's going to be the same thing in the rematch between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury."

"It's about adjustments...it's about halftime, baby," stresses Teddy Atlas in his analysis video with Samuel Rivera. "It's about who's going to look at the film and correct their mistakes."

"Is Wilder going to wait nine rounds to land that right hand, so he doesn't fall behind in the fight and have to pull it out of the fire with that thunderbolt of a right hand?"

"And then there's Fury...like in the first fight, is he just going to make Wilder miss, or is he going to make him pay for missing punches? And can Fury go all night without getting caught?"

The elite level trainer begins his pre-fight breakdown by listing the "Keys to Victory" for the lineal heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury:

1) Get Wilder's respect early

"Actually Fury didn't have trouble in the first fight making him miss, but he didn't make him pay enough. Go back to making him miss, but make him pay a little bit more and earlier, so Wilder is not so interested in throwing as much or as confidently late in the fight."

"He has to keep him a little more restricted...make him think about things before letting his hands go."

2) Make Wilder reach with the right hand

"Wilder's strength is also his weakness. He knows he has that right-hand bomb, and he gets over anxious with it. Make him reach with the right hand. Throw a jab, take a step back, and when he fires the right hand and misses, make him pay with a short combination over the top."

3) Use the jab as an offensive weapon

"Also instead of simply using your feet to get out of range or slipping the right hand, throw a quick jab down the middle when you know the right hand is coming. In the first fight, Wilder was telegraphing that right hand...Fury could see it coming from a mile away."

"Throw a quick jab down the middle and stop him in his tracks. It can be a great weapon to disrupt his timing and rhythm, forcing him to reset."

4) Know when to "hold" and know when to "fold"

"Finally, know when to put your foot on the gas and know when to put your foot on the brakes. When Wilder is flat footed, he can unload that heavy right hand and can punch...that's when you know not to be aggressive. When he's bouncing on his toes, he can't throw that heavy right because he's not firmly planted. That's when you know it's time to be aggressive and throw punches."

Despite almost scoring the decisive KO in the first fight, Mr. Atlas points out several variables in which Deontay can dramatically improve.

Here are Teddy's "Keys to Victory" for the current WBC heavyweight champion, Deontay Wilder:

1) Don't be too conservative or measured offensively

"If you're Wilder, you don't want to fall behind again. You don't want to get to the place where you have to land the right hand, where you're in desperation mode. If you're Wilder, you want to control things earlier."

2) Jab the chest

"Use the jab...and use it on something that doesn't move so much. Don't be chasing the head the entire time, hit him in the chest...stabilize him. Slow him down."

"Put him where you want him to be...right in front of you, so you can land the right-hand bomb."

3) Use feints

"Another thing, you know Fury's going to be looking for the right hand. He expects the right hand to be coming. How did he get away from it so many times during the first fight?"

"What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result."

"100% of the time, to get away from the right hand, Fury slipped to the same side...the right side. That's called predictability. But Wilder kept on throwing cold, naked right hands without recognizing that he was doing the same thing."

"This time, use feints and force him to commit to one side...when he does, then you unload the right hand."

"Wilder needs to think and use his intelligence in the rematch."

4) Don't allow Fury to hold

"One more thing...don't allow him to tie you up on the inside. It takes two to tango...when you see him moving into a clinch, catch him coming in by letting your hands go with short shots on the inside. Don't give him a free ride...don't let him just fall in."

After mapping out a sound strategy or set of guidelines for both competing champions, Teddy makes his final prediction for "Wilder vs. Fury 2"!

"I'm going to go with Wilder this time...I think he has a better delivery system for the right hand, and won't fall behind so much. Make the small adjustments throughout the fight, and the right hand will be able to get across earlier this time."

"I'm going with Wilder, ninth round knock-out!"

So there you have it...those are maestro Teddy Atlas' "keys to victory" for both fighters, and his bold prediction for the highly anticipated rematch!!

To see the video of Teddy Atlas breaking down his fight strategies for both men in its entirety, and almost cracking Samuel Rivera in the face several times, please click on "The Fight Plan" video cited above.

And please comment below with your pre-fight "Wilder vs. Fury 2" predictions!!


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