Shannon Briggs: Stalking David Haye Now?

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Like it or not, controversy sells in the fight game.

"Whether or not anyone takes Shannon seriously is completely irrelevant because people have once again started talking about him in the Heavyweight division," Detroit-based fighter/trainer Johnathon Banks told War a Week's Joseph Herron in December 2014.

“Shannon is hoping that everyone will eventually say, ‘why don’t you just give this guy a shot so you can hurry up and knock this guy out’."

"That’'s what Shannon wants."

And in 2013 and 2014, Briggs stalked and heckled then-heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko, obtaining mainstream German and American media attention in the process.

It seemed that every several weeks a video was popping up of Briggs harassing Klitschko. He even forced Wlad of his paddleboat while the latter was in a large body of water.

Yes, Briggs resorted to such spectacles in the hopes of getting a high-money title shot.

Now, with Klitschko dethroned, is Briggs gearing up to stalk someone else?

Via social media, Briggs recently said:

"Breaking news. I'm going to invade England!"

"David Haye! Let's go champ! Let's go champ! Let's give the people what they want to see."

"I'm headed to the #UnitedKingdom to raise hell. If anyone in England's interested in helping me find an apartment or flat I'd appreciate it. Anyone interested in being in my camp when I get there email me... I'm looking for sparring as well."

Now 44, Shannon Briggs (59-6-1-52KO) is 8-0 on his comeback and has recorded six first-round stoppages while David Haye returned after a long hiatus last month to impressively dispatch Mark de Mori in less than a round.

Shannon Briggs vs David Haye?

Don't be surprised to see some very unusual videos in the coming weeks.


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