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Shannon Briggs rocks another Round 1 knockout (Video)

Lee Cleveland Updated
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He did it again...

Forty-three year old former WBO world heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs (58-6-1) recorded another first round knockout last night in Panama City.

This time, the victim was Hungarian Zoltan Petranyi (51-22-1, 16 KOs) and it took Shannon a mere 68 seconds to close the deal.

Perhaps still boiling from the theatrics at the weigh-in, Briggs, in WWE style, threw down his foe seconds after the opening bell and was immediately deducted a point. Moments later, Shannon uncoiled a shot to Zoltan's flabby body that dropped the Hungarian who courageously got up for more.

The second body shot, however, would send Petranyi down for good.

Dropping to 51-22, 16 KOs, the 48 year old Petranyi resembled a 'lamb headed to the slaughter' at the weigh-in. Sporting a fedora as he punished the scale, he looked more like a pudgy Freddy Krueger than a prizefighter, and appeared all too giddy just to take center stage with Mr. Briggs.

Somehow, Zoltan had won 14 fights in a row before losing to Zoltan Csala (then 5-0) via a 3rd Round TKO in December. 

Nevertheless, the fact he was most recently stopped by a fella who was 5-0 may be all fans need to know to piece together what happened last night.


Known for his devastating punching power which has earned him 33 first round knockouts (the most number for any heavyweight belt-holder), Briggs is now 7-0 with 6 KOs on his year-old comeback.

Will Briggs get a title shot?

Defeating woefully overmatched characters, even if via brutal first round knockout, won't garner Briggs tremendous respect from fans but may sway a few sanctioning bodies.

His No. 6 rating by the WBA is as bizarre and last night's opponent.

Video below (Brace yourself)


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