Shannon Briggs returns Friday

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Former WBO world heavyweight champion, 43-year-old Shannon Briggs (57-6-1) returns from a four month hiatus to face Hungarian Zoltan Petranyi on March 27.

The bout will take place in Panama City.

Known for his devastating punching power which has earned him 32 first round knockouts (the most number for any heavyweight champion), Briggs is 6-0, 5 KOs on his comeback which started in April 2014 and is hoping for a title shot later his year.

Who is Zoltan Petranyi?

Sporting a formidable record of 51-21, 16 KOs, the 48 year old Petranyi is a five-time Hungarian heavyweight champion who debuted in 1996.

Zoltan had won 14 fights in a row before losing to Zoltan Csala (then 5-0) via a 3rd Round TKO in December.

Standing 6'1", Zoltan doesn't have any name fighters on his ledger sans Denis Boytsov who KO'd him ten years ago.

What is Briggs doing?

It's obvious Shannon Briggs is padding his resume and picking opponents who can make him look good; And that's not uncommon for fallen stars who are attempting to rebuild their stature and increase their stock.

They fight often, look impressive (albeit against low and mid tier opposition) and build a case for a high-profile, big money showdown.

George Foreman did this on his comeback as did Julio Cesar Chavez, Roberto Duran and Hector Camacho late in their careers.

However, defeating journeymen no one has ever heard of, even if via brutal first round knockouts, simply won't garner Briggs tremendous respect from the boxing community.

To his credit, Briggs, by facing a fella with 51 wins, seems to be increasing his level of opposition everso slighly. But keep in mind, Briggs' next opponent was recently stopped by a fella who entered that bout 5-0.


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