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Sergey Kovalev's racist rants: Ward motivated to silence Russian

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Two weeks ahead of their June 17 rematch superfight showdown, Andre Ward sounded off on Sergey Kovalev last week.

In response to allegations about Kovalev being a racist, Ward told FightHype, "There's no sugarcoating it. It is what it is"

"When he's had opportunities to recant, he's pressed harder."

"It's a shame for those who have turned a blind eye to it and a deaf ear to it. It's a serious problem that should not be marginalized," Ward added.

"When you have Lennox Lewis calling you out for what you're doing and he [Kovalev] responds with monkey symbols, what is that?," Ward stated in last week's interview with FightHype.

In April, Kovalev, via Twitter, referred to Ward as a “hoe ass nigga” and “fagg*t” in a quickly-deleted meme.

But even the recent aforementioned rants were preceded by previous racist behavior.

In 2015, Kovalev, via Twitter, posted a pic of him pointing to a child wearing a T-shirt depicting  a monkey face photoshopped over Adonis Stevenson's body.

The Kovalev-written caption below read: “Adonis looks great!!!”


Kovalev’s offending tweet and image were removed soon after and followed-up by the apology below.

“I apologise for my tweet about Adonis Stevenson. I really did not know it was bad. In the last few days my friends at Main Events teach me some history about the United States. It is very different to where I grew up in Chelyabinsk. I’m still learning here and I understand I have made a mistake. I hope I can be forgiven this mistake and I will not do such a thing again.”

... But, of course, it happened again.

Ward vs Kovalev 2 News
Date: June 17
Broadcast: HBO PPV
Location: Las Vegas
Venue: Mandalay Bay

Division: Light heavyweight
Titles: WBA, WBO and IBF
Champion: Ward 

"There's not a place for that in society. I've always had a disdain for that," Ward added.

Perhaps Kovalev is so frustrated over his very close, controversial points loss to Ward in November, he can't help but show an ugly side of himself most would rather not see.

Is Kovalev, presumed bruised ego and all, still trying to come to terms with his first loss?

Also, one must wonder if this behavior exposes a certain psychlogical vulnerability in Kovalev.

Regardless of what happens June 17, some will insist Kovalev has already lost.

"I'm not gonna call you out via social media, I'm gonna call you out June 17," Ward admonished.

Kovalev text conversation meme


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