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Saul Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin? Tim Bradley insists 'Triple G' is too slow

Joseph Herron Updated
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The entire boxing world is intrigued about the recently-announced superfight between Mexican rockstar Canelo Alvarez and honorary Mexican Middleweight Champion Gennady Golovkin.

The highly anticipated showdown will take place September 16 on HBO PPV at a location to be decided.

Although many experts believe Gennady Golovkin to be too much for the Mexican powerhouse currently, a certain two division world champion feels Canelo Alvarez would have the edge if the two fighters were to eventually meet in ring.

"If they ever fight, I've got Canelo winning that fight," stated Tim Bradley to esnewsreporting.com a few years ago. "I say Canelo because of his boxing ability. He can take a good punch and his I.Q. for the sport is very high. Canelo has a lot skills."

"We know what to expect from Triple G...'I'm going to mow you down...I'm coming to get you'...Gennady just comes to bring the pain. He's very composed with his brand of pressure, but Triple G is slow."

While many of Golovkin's most recent victims might disagree with Timothy's ringside assessment of the Kazakh monster, the knowledgeable prizefighter seems convinced that Canelo Alvarez would be able to see Triple G's shots coming and defend himself with proficiency.

"I didn't realize Gennady was that slow. I thought he would be quicker. When I was watching him fight this past weekend, it really surprised me that he looked really slow. Maybe he was just getting warmed up, but he appeared to be very slow."

"He was very intelligent in his approach, and you could see that he knew what he was doing. Gennady knows how to get in position to land those hard shots, but like I said, I have Canelo winning that fight. He has the experience...he's been in the ring with much better opposition and he has that big fight experience now."

"I also think Canelo would be able to take that power. He's a bigger guy. He's a bigger guy...no problem. I have Canelo winning that fight, no problem."

Has Bradley's prediction changed today?

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