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Sad news from Floyd Mayweather Jr. supports Mark Breland's decision to save Deontay Wilder

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In the days following Deontay Wilder's knock-out loss to current WBC and Ring Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, the "Bronze Bomber" wasn't shy about expressing his disappointment in trainer Mark Breland's decision to throw in the towel midway through the seventh stanza, influencing referee Kenny Bayless' decision to call a halt to the contest.

While it's understandable that the 34-year-old fighter's pride was ultimately bruised as a result of the careful and considerate actions of his longtime friend and mentor, Wilder now understands that the former WBA Welterweight champion did indeed have his heavyweight's best interest at heart.

"I'm a warrior. I feel the same way I felt on fight night," Deontay recently informed ESPN. "If I have to go out, I want to go out on my shield."

"But I understand that my corner and my team has my best interest at heart. Mark Breland is still a part of Team Wilder and our team looks forward to preparing for the rematch."

Most critical observers believe it's because of Mark Breland's decision that Wilder will be able to compete with Tyson Fury in five short months.

The proud and gallant former WBC titlist could have been much more severely injured had the fight continued any further.

One fighter who feels Breland made the correct assessment is future Hall of Famer and self-proclaimed "TBE" Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Although Floyd hasn't commented directly on the deliberate decision made by Breland, anyone would able to deduce his feelings on the matter by examining the current condition of his former trainer and beloved family member, Uncle Roger Mayweather.

During a recent stop on his current UK fan tour, Money May revealed some terrible and heart-wrenching news concerning the 58-year-old, former two-division world champion.

"My Uncle Roger is going through a lot right now," stated Mayweather in the attached FightHype.com video.

"If you guys don't know, my Uncle Roger currently is blind. And he's also a vegetable now...if you guys don't know. Every month, I make sure he has the best care and he's taken care of."

Mayweather also revealed that his uncle's declining health and current ailments are a primary reason for his decision to retire from the sport back in 2015.

Despite being proud of his boxing lineage, Floyd understands why Roger is currently suffering at such a relatively young age.

"That's from him being offensive-minded. Whereas my dad taught me how to be a defensive fighter."

Regardless of being an absolute juggernaut at 130 pounds, the fighter formerly known as "Pretty Boy Floyd" made a conscious decision to fight more defensively while competing against much larger fighters at 147 and 154 pounds.

After sustaining consistent damage in the ring for almost twenty years, the "Black Mamba" literally and figuratively gave his beloved boxing everything he had...and the consequences are appalling.

All in the name of sports entertainment.

Roger retired in 1999 after competing in 72 professional bouts within the 130, 135, 140 and 147-pound weight divisions. While no division is safe from potential harm, punches taken from heavyweight fighters are considerably heavier and more damaging.

Even though Wilder's fans appreciate his willingness to "die in the ring", they would prefer to see their favorite heavyweight live to fight another day.

That day will be on July 18th.

Thank you very much, Mr. Breland.


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