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Relentless Lamon Brewster: “Haye has a chance for the upset”

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Former WBO Heavyweight Champion, Relentless Lamon Brewster, currently holds the distinction of being the last man to stop Wladimir Klitschko within twelve rounds.

On April 10th, 2004, the Indianapolis, Indiana, native shocked the world by knocking out the heavily favored Wladimir Klitschko in five rounds to win the coveted WBO Heavyweight Championship.

Although Lamon favors the giant Ukrainian going into Saturday's fight in Hamburg, Germany, the relentless one doesn't rule out an upset victory for David Haye.

"Klitschko obviously has the advantage going into this fight and should be the favorite, but Haye has a much better opportunity to pull off the upset than most of Wladimir's recent opposition," claims Lamon Brewster. "Coming into the fight, Haye has what other fighters haven't had in years past, and that is a solid strategy."

"The average heavyweight today, in my opinion, doesn't usually have a set strategy in place when fighting Wladimir Klitschko," explains the former champion. "They simply go into the fight and depend solely on their skill, size, and strength."

Haye vs Valuev
"In Haye's fight with Nikolai Valuev, he fought him intelligently using his size and speed to his advantage. He hit him with quick combinations and turned him immediately so Valuev couldn't counter or get off effectively."

"That's what impresses me most about David," states Brewster. "He uses his intelligence in the ring. If Haye stays relaxed and uses his brain, he could pull off the upset on Saturday."

The Klitschko Jab
Even though the 38 year old former champ recognizes the realistic possibility of an upset, Brewster feels that David doesn't stand a chance unless he takes away Klitschko's primary weapon.

"Haye definitely has to take away that Klitschko jab if he wants to win this fight," professes Lamon Brewster. "Because he was the bigger and taller man in the ring, my strategy for beating Klitschko in our first fight was to make his heart work harder than mine. I made him punch when he didn't want to punch and hold when he didn't want to hold. Haye needs to make the ring a very uncomfortable place for Wladimir Klitschko mentally and physically."

"My goal, just like David's, was to impose my will on Klitschko. That's why I would run across the ring and get in his face as soon as the bell rang. I wanted to create that anxiety within him and make him as uncomfortable as possible; make him work a lot harder than he wanted to both mentally and physically."

KlitschKO Promise
The former champion feels that Wladimir Klitschko has already started to place unnecessary pressure on himself before the battle in the ring has begun.

"I think Klitschko is making a huge mistake by stating that he is going into this fight planning on making David Haye his 50th knock-out victim," explains Lamon. "Nine times out of ten, when a man goes into a fight looking for the knock-out, he ends up getting knocked out himself."

"If Wladimir goes into this fight looking for the knock-out, he will get in closer than he should and leave himself vulnerable to Haye's power. David has already proven that he is a dangerous fighter in his bouts with Harrison and Barrett. Wladimir can't let Haye get into his head. Klitschko must keep his composure and his distance in the ring or he runs the risk of getting caught with a shot from which he can't recover."

"That's why I feel that David Haye has a good chance to pull off the upset," claims Relentless Lamon Brewster. "David always shows up to the fight in great shape and has shown great will and determination."

Heart, Mentality and Patience
While Lamon acknowledges Haye's ability to successfully impose his will on his previous opposition, Brewster realizes that Klitschko is unlike any opponent the Brit has faced.

"Haye's heart will be tested in this fight, and in my opinion, he will have to win this fight with his heart," proclaims the former champ. "That's what most critics of the sport don't understand. It's not a matter of how big you are, but how big your heart is and how strong a fighter is mentally going into the fight."

Lamon feels that the fans will be treated to a great fight this Saturday in Germany and gives his official prediction of the fight's outcome.

"Regardless of who wins, I don't see this fight going the distance," states Brewtser. "If Wladimir fights a disciplined fight and doesn't go searching for the knock-out, he will catch David coming in and stop him within the distance. Haye has shown that he doesn't have a great chin, and if Wladimir is patient and is able to use his jab effectively while keeping his distance, Klitschko should win this fight by knock-out."

"But, if Wladimir has allowed Haye to get into his head and fights an emotional fight, Haye will knock him out."

"This fight will ultimately be decided by the fighter who wants it the most and who has biggest heart."

Brewster's New Calling... To Give Back to Boxing
Lamon Brewster proved that he had a big heart in the ring and is now using it to give back to the sport that has given him so much.

"I have started FightingConnection.com, which is a website for us...by us," emphatically claims the former champion. "I have received so much support around the globe, and everyone who sees FightingConnection.com loves the idea. It's going to truly make boxing a global sport."

"With this website, fighters in Russia will be able to find a fighter in China who fits the style that they're looking for...be it for sparring or match-making. It will serve as an international database for full contact sports...boxing and MMA."

"If a promoter wants to find a ring card girl, an opponent, or a cut-man for an event, all they have to do is look up the information on the fightingconnection.com database, and it will provide that usually hard to find information."

"I implore everyone in the industry to utilize this database, because it will only work with everyones' participation."

"With the technology and resources that we have today, a fighter from the most desolate of areas can have a legitimate chance at becoming the next Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather. Fighters who ordinarily would never be noticed by a big promoter will be available through FightingConnection.com."

"So I urge everyone to help make the dreams of young trainers and fighters everywhere a reality for a better boxing future."

Support Lamon's quest to revolutionize the boxing industry by visiting, www.fightingconnection.com.


Courtesy Joseph Herron, Eastside Boxing 


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