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Paulie Malignaggi admits and explains anti-Manny Pacquiao bias

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Last Friday night, on December 12, in San Antonio, Texas, Floyd Mayweather Jr. finally broke the silence and informed every inquisitive fight fan of his intentions for the boxing year 2015.

"I would love to fight Manny Pacquiao," stated the pound for pound king of boxing. "We tried to make the fight happen years ago, but we had problems with random blood and urine testing...like I said, I just want to be on an even playing field. Now he's in a very, very tight situation. He's lost to Marquez...he's lost to Bradley."

"His PPV numbers are down extremely low...so he's desperate. I've been wanting that fight for a long time ago. And I'm just waiting on them. Floyd Mayweather is not ducking or dodging any opponent. Bob Arum is stopping the fight. We've been trying to make this fight happen behind the scenes for years now but the fans and the people have been fooled because they've been listening to people on one side."

Former WBA Welterweight title holder Paulie Malignaggi was happy to hear Floyd finally speak up about the ongoing feud between Team Mayweather and Team Pacquiao.

"I'm happy that Floyd finally spoke his mind a little bit," admits the two division world champion. "So many times he's been so prideful and has ignored all of the talk, because he knows what's going on behind the scenes and doesn't feel like he should have to explain himself."

"Hopefully now that Floyd has explained himself and explained what's been going on through the years as far as the negotiations are concerned, people will start to understand it. You know people figured that just because he didn't open his mouth that he was the one avoiding Pacquiao because they only heard one side."

Paulie hopes that every fight fan understands what he sees as a simple truth concerning the ongoing Pacquiao/Mayweather fight saga.

"Floyd would have fought Manny four years ago and would have beaten his a$$ if he had just agreed to take random drug testing," professes Paulie Malignaggi.

"We all know how that went, and I personally think that's the reason why Manny was looking so strong at that time. I think now that they're doing the VADA random drug testing, Manny is still a good fighter but I just don't see the same kind of explosiveness."

"But I'd still love to see the fight because everybody deserves it. The fans deserve it and I really think that a lot of the road blocks that were in the way are starting to get cleared little by little."

The self proclaimed "Magic Man" believes that fans of the Filipino icon have been blinded by their praise for the eight division world champion and haven't been susceptible to the truth...the truth according to the always outspoken Brooklyn native.

"People just believe what they want to believe," claims the former IBF Junior Welterweight title holder. "Manny Pacquiao fans want to believe that this is their hero and he never cheated, he's always done right, and he's their knight in shining armor. If you want to be blinded and have your head so far up his a$$ that you don't see the reality of what was going on, that's fine. Everyone's entitled to what they want to think."

"For the rest of us who have a clear head and are looking at things diplomatically, it's kind of hard because who the f**k grows as much as Pacquiao was growing after their 28th birthday? Nobody grows that much."

"The PED testing didn't just come out of Floyd's a$$. It was something that was pretty much on a lot of people's minds in boxing when they were watching. Nobody gets that much bigger after their 28th birthday. No one is growing and filling out that much after they're fully grown. Especially a guy with Manny's genetics."

"Let's be real here. If you choose to remove the blinders and look at this diplomatically, you'll see what Floyd was asking was pretty normal actually. Nobody will ever know for sure because unfortunately Manny was avoiding random drug testing. He was using every excuse in the book to avoid testing. That doesn't raise suspicion? I mean every stupid excuse you can come up with...I'm afraid of needles...I don't want the guy to call the shots."

"Drug testing should be non-negotiable. What kind of a negotiation is drug testing? Drug testing should be there and that's it."

After the intense but sincere diatribe against the Filipino Congressman, the 34 year old former champion admitted to having a slanted perspective when discussing the career of Manny Pacquiao.

"People always ask why I'm so biased against Manny Pacquiao. Well here's my personal opinion."

"If Manny Pacquiao was cheating, and we'll never know for sure. I believe that he was. I'm entitled to my belief and I have my reasons for believing that. If Manny Pacquiao was cheating, then in no way does he deserve one of the richest fights in boxing history."

"A cheater should not be rewarded for that. And that is the reason for a lot of my bias. That is why I've been talking the way I have over the last several years."

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