Pacquiao vs Marquez: Weigh-In Results

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Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez performed this ritual for the fourth time this evening.
Weigh-in Video

Manny Pacquiao - 147 lbs 
Juan Manuel Marquez - 143 lbs

The weight limit was 147 lbs.

Both men looked fit. Manny looked a bit more shredded than he did in June while Marquez simply looked gritty. He definitely appears to have added muscle to his physique.

PacMan matched his weight of 147 lbs from this past June against Tim Bradley, equalling his all time high. And although Pacquiao came in four pounds heavier, the taller Marquez appeared the more muscular of the two.

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Tomorrow's bout between the future hall of famers will be a non-title affair and will be contested at welterweight.

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez met for the first time on May 8, 2004. As featherweights, both men were 125 lbs for the weigh-in.

Their second meeting took place March 15, 2008. This time, as super featherweights, Manny Pacquiao weighed 129 lbs while Juan Marquez chimed in at 130 lbs.

And last November, under a catchwweight stipulation of 143 lbs, Pacquiao weighed 143 lbs while Marquez was slightly lighter at 142 lbs.

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez were 147lbs and 140 lbs, respectively, for their most recent bouts in June and April, respectively.

In June, many observers believed Pacquiao didn't appear as chiseled as usual. However, standing next to Tim Bradley does anyone look sculpted?

Marquez, on the other-hand, has been looking pretty gritty lately. His physique and new-found swagger in the ring had led some, including Freddie Roach, to believe the Mexican is taking performance enhancing substances (PEDs).

Unlike Pacquiao vs Bradley where Manny's foe played the villain and got in PacMan's face and scowled, today's weigh-in was anti-climatic as both fighters didn't have a problem making weight and neither man is the type to want to aggressively taunt or make a scene.

Pacquiao vs Marquez Weigh-In Results

Manny Pacquiao - 147 lbs
vs Juan Manuel Marquez - 143 lbs
WBO belt "Fighter of the Decade"

Mercito Gesta - 134 lbs 
vs Miguel Vazquez - 135 lbs  
IBF lightweight title

Yuriorkis Gamboa - 130 lbs
vs Michael Farenas - 130 lbs
interim WBA World super featherweight title

Patrick Hyland - 126 lbs
vs Javier Fortuna - 126 lbs
interim WBA World featherweight title

Dodie Boy Penalosa 123.5 vs. Jesus Lule Raya 124
Ernie Sanchez 127 vs. Coy Evans 126.5
Jose Ramirez 137 vs. Corey Seigwarth 136
Jazzma Hogue 121 vs. Alexis Hernandez 121

Venue: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas
Promoter: Top Rank
TV: Pay-Per-View

Weigh-In Video
Pacquiao vs Marquez Weigh-In video is in the module below.
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