Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 Predictions for Big Fight

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In just a few hours boxing legends Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez will meet for the fourth time.
Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 predictions are sure more widespread than was the case 13 months ago for Pacquiao vs Marquez 3. Back then, the biggest question was: "How dominant will Pacquiao be against the aging Marquez?"

How things change...

Manny Pacquiao is favored tonight despite his less-than stellar performances lately, including his recent loss (albeit controversial) to Tim Bradley in June. However, public sentiment seems to be learning in Marquez's direction this time. Moreover, not only do some think he edged Pacquiao in their third sequel, many are impressed by JMM's new physique and apparent hunger and focus.

So what's your prediction?  Will Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 be any different from the rest? And is the smart money really on Marquez?

These guys have fought three times before so figuring out the 'keys to success' isn't exactly rocket science for the hardcore fan because they have clearly established their styles, strengths and vulnerabilities against each other.

The primary questions are: Which will man will execute his 'keys to success' best and why?

Is Juan Manuel, in fact, enjoying a renaissance of sorts at 39? Or will the great JMM get old over night?

So who do you like?  The explosive, athletic speed demon or the saavy, 'tough-as-nails' counterpuncher?

Here are predictions from FightSaga's writers and affiliates:

Michael Angel Lopez, Boxing Writer, FightSaga, Philboxing:
I predict that Pacquaio will start out fast as always, but Marquez will always counter beautifully. Pacquiao is not hungry anymore and will not be the same Pacquiao as in the past. Marquez needs to win by KO, a close decision will not be in his favor. Marquez is hungry and will not let this opportunity slip away, he knows what he has to do to win. Marquez by tenth round KO. Prediction: Marquez KO 10 Pacquiao

Sergio Michel/ Celebrity Boxing/Musician/ FightSaga Advisor: "Manny seems out of focus these days. He may not have prepared for this fight, and may be suffering from lack of inspiration and/or motivation. Manuel's Training Camp was more comprehensive and exhaustive. Outside of Manny's natural talent somehow overshadowing Manuel's preparations, this fight goes to Marquez on the cards. I may venture as far as to say that Manny may be knocked down in this conflict as well. If that happens, a TKO or clean KO victory for Marquez is not a far fetched notion." Prediction: Marquez wins UD

Lee Elliot, Boxing Expert/ Hardcore Fan:

Tonight we have the 4th "quadrilogy" meeting of Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. Everyone knows what happened in there first two meetings and, of course, in their apparemt rubber match last year. Its funny how experts, judges and fans reads fights differently ... So who are the judges going to favor in this 4th meeting is anyone's guess. Fans here in Britain are pretty split on who they think will win but its clear Manny's stock has fallen a bit though.

Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 will come down to the judges as this fight has "points" written all over it. Both fighters seem slightly past their primes, especially JMM. We have been hearing good reports from both camps with the more interesting comments from Manny's. According to his team, he trained to be more aggressive. Nevertheless, Juan Manuel Marquez will get his hands raised at the final bell. Prediction: Marquez via a close decision

Mark Weber, FightSaga Writer: I think Pacquiao is going to come out this fight an make a statement, whether it be an early knockdown or a dominating round, I just see him coming out really strong in the early rounds. Marquez will surely counter and make it interesting all night, but in the end I have Pacquiao winning a decision that will not be deemed controversial. Prediction: Pacquiao via non controversial UD

Sam Gregory, FightSaga Writer: 
The first three fights were close and I don't think either fighter will have a big edge this time around. I look for another very close fight. Unfortunately for JM Marquez, if he can't stop Pacquiao in the middle to late rounds the judges will give the close rounds to his opponent (if for no other reason than they'll feel the pressure to rectify the bad judging in Pacquiao's split decision loss to Timothy Bradley last June). Prediction: Pacquiao by decision

Frank Zhong, FightSaga Writer: 
Pacquiao is always dangerous with his speed, power, and off balance shots, but Marquez has already shown that he can take Pacquiao's best firepower, adjust, and fight through it. Pacquiao has yet to prove he can force Marquez out of his own comfort zone for longer than a round. As a result, Juan Manuel Marquez will outbox, and maybe outpunch Manny Pacquiao to a comfortable decision victory. Prediction: Marquez via comfortable UD

Lee Cleveland, FightSaga:
 Who will show up? Will it be the congressman or the warrior? The humble, kind-hearted family man or the bloody-thirsty gentleman? I'm going out on a limb here and picking a decisive finish. An intense, rejuvenated, more focused Manny Pacquiao will enter the ring tonight. We won't see an 'old' Pacquiao - Instead, we'll see the 'Pacquiao of old.'  Fighting with the proverbial 'chip on his shoulder,' he will dazzle with his tenacity, explosiveness and footwork, and deliver a solid exclamation point in the end.

Marquez is 0-3 versus Pacquiao thus far and has been knocked down by PacMan four times. Look for another exciting bout that will feature some close rounds. 'Congressman Pacquiao' might leave Vegas but he arrived as a warrior and will enter the ring as such. Look for Pacquiao to turn back the clock and earn several 10-8 rounds as a result of badly hurting Marquez and/or repeatedly flooring him. After this fight, the buzz for Mayweather vs Pacquiao will be alive again! Prediction: Pacquiao via wide UD


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