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Pacquiao vs Horn time: Problematic for American fans and media?

Lee Cleveland Updated
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According to CourierMail.com, fight legend Manny Pacquiao will face Jeff Horn on April 23 at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia.

And yes, April 23 is a Sunday.

Details for Pacquiao vs Horn are still being arranged but if the happens at a normal time for a big fight in Australia, things could get very interesting for Americans fans and U.S. media

Brisbane is 14 hours ahead of New York (ET). As a result, should the fight start between 10 and 11PM Brisbane time, it would air live between 8 and 9AM Sunday morning for viewers in the eastern United States.

And if you're in California, things get even more interesting. You're looking at 5 to 6AM.

It's certainly a time Americans fans aren't accustomed to when watching big fights.

Incidentally, the fight would air Sunday between 8 and 9PM (or 20-2100) in Manila.

One must seriously ponder HBO's role in broadcasting such an event. Combine its broadcast time with the fact that Horn is a virtual unknown Stateside, and the major networks may choose to pass on Pacquiao vs Horn.

On the flipside, this bout might get a lot of post-fight coverage in the U.S. News-wise, there's not much competition in sports on Sunday mornings. Sans a major story breaking on April 23, Pacquiao vs Horn results may get a lot of play by American media looking for mainstream athletes to report on. Hence, when Americans wake up and eventually tune into ESPN and other media outlets several hours after the fight's conclusion, Pacquiao vs Horn might be front page news.

We don't know when on the 23rd the fight card will start but will update this page when we learn of the schedule.


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