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Pacquiao vs Horn rematch: What if Manny starches Jeff?

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What would happen if fight legend Manny Pacquiao were to impressively dominate Jeff Horn in their rematch which is tentatively scheduled to take place this fall?

What if Manny boxes rings around Horn as the former did against Brandon Rios in 2013?

What if the 38-year-old Pacquiao starched Horn the same way he did Ricky Hatton?

Would an awesome performance validate PacMan's continuance in boxing at the highest level?

Per his longtime mentor Freddie Roach, the answer is 'No.'

Last month, Roach told TMZ, "[Manny should] Fight a rematch with Horn, otherwise retire."

"Fighters get old overnight, he did okay in the fight, but just okay, and just okay isn't good enough."

The axiom 'get old overnight' refers to aging fighters who appear to be in top form and then, in one fight, look like a shell of themselves without prior warning.

So what if Manny is impressive against Horn should they rematch?

"I would like to see Manny retire after the rematch with Horn," Roach told Jose Sanchez earlier this week.\

Pacquiao vs Horn 2
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"But I have no control over that. I just think it's very difficult at that age to get into the ring and face Terence Crawford and talented youngsters like that."

Although Roach referenced Terence Crawford, it's likely he believes Pacquiao can no longer fight at boxing's top level and should retire as a result.

Manny Pacquiao is a senator first and a prizefighter second - And that's a problem if he wants to continue fighting, especially given he's 38 and probably needs more time to train.

FightSaga suggested last fall that the Senate would bring about Manny's untimely demise. Of course, I thought it would happen in the Vargas fight. I also stated that, victorious or not against Vargas, it was difficult to see Pacquiao thriving much longer.

"Manny changed his lifestyle as the years went by. He also lost some of that finishing instinct, I think. But he improved his technical side at the same time. That's why I would like to see him fight again with Horn and retire."

If promoted well, Pacquiao vs Horn 2 could be almost as big as Pacquiao vs Crawford would have been. The revenge factor is exists; Horn has piqued the interest of a lot of people and many will want to see Pacquiao's presumed last hurrah.

Unless Pacquiao left the Senate, he’s not going to be able to prepare properly for elite-level opponents such as Crawford and Mikey Garcia 

Should Pacquiao defeat Horn, no matter how impressively, expect Manny to retire and end a magnificent career on top and as a world champion.


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