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Manny Pacquiao vs Horn purses / prize money: 4 reasons PacMan's payout is far lower this time

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Tonight, fight legend Manny Pacquiao faces Jeff Horn in the latter's home of Brisbane, Australia.

Pacquiao will earn a purported $10 Million USD, a purse much lower than his typical payout the last 5 or 6 years. It's believed Horn's purse will be about $500,000 USD.

Why is Manny's purse much lower than usual, and why do we think he might be fortunate to get what he's getting?

Answer: His stock has dropped a lot since the loss to Floyd Mayweather in 2015 and subsequent short-lived retirement last year for several reasons.

1.Mayweather disappointment

To say Mayweather vs Pacquiao wasn't Ali vs Frazier would be understatement. As the biggest fight in boxing history, it may have been the sport's most disappointing moment. Floyd fought too defensively to entertain the masses while Manny was less aggressive due to a compromised shoulder. Even worse, PacMan told the media he fought hurt, leaving many believing they were ripped off

2. New blood

Given Manny has been on top so long and is believed to be nearing the end of his career, fans are embracing other fighters and match-ups, such as Anthony Joshua and Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez.

3.Controversial comments

Also, Pacquiao's very raw comments about gays last year certainly didn't help his stock. It was an unwise choice of words and some promised to boycott Manny going forward because of it. Moreover, the loss of sponsors like Nike have a snowball effect because the backing of mainstream corporations lend credibility to athletes and events.


Jeff Horn is unknown quantity outside of Australia and, perhaps, inside too. Given that and the fact that Pacquiao is a massive favorite, Pacquiao vs Horn won't draw anywhere near the revenue previous Pacquiao bouts where the opponents were well-known and the bouts deemed more competitive. I'm referring to Manny bouts with Floyd Mayweather, Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosley and his third and fourth bouts with Juan Manuel Marquez.

In addition, since the Mayweather fight two years ago Pacquiao hasn't faced a high-profile opponent. Sure, he defeated Tim Bradley, then regarded as one of boxing's best, in April 2016; However, it was their third meeting and in the eyes of most Manny had already beaten Brads twice. (Tim was awarded a highly controversial decision in their first bout).

Going forward... Terence Crawford

Should Manny Pacquiao win tonight, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum has hinted Manny could face red hot Terence Crawford in November. However, per rumors, Pacquiao and Crawford want $20 Million and $7 Million guarantees, respectively, should that fight take place. 

However, unless Manny's promoter, Top Rank, is prepared to take a hit in November, a $20 Million guarantee might not be attainable for Manny. And the same can be said for Crawford's presumed request.

Tonight's bout

Showcasing the fight legend on ESPN in the U.S. will give Pacquiao much-needed exposure and an opportunity to vindicate himself following his loss to Floyd Mayweather in May 2015 - a bout casual fans found disappointing, especially after Manny's shoulder injury revelation.

If Manny shines against Horn and the viewing audience is substantial. the added exposure might lift his stock and boost casual fans' interest in PacMan's future bouts.|

Purported purses for a few of Manny Pacquiao's fights from 2011-present
(Manny's presumed guarantees don't include a share PPV sales and sponsorship money he may have received)

2011 - Pacquiao ($22 Million guaranteed) vs Shane Mosley ($5 Million)
2011 - Pacquiao ($22 Million guaranteed) vs Juan Manuel Marquez III ($5 Million)
2012 - Pacquiao ($26 Million guaranteed) vs Juan Manuel Marquez IV ($6 Million)
2012 - Pacquiao ($26 Million guaranteed) vs Tim Bradley ($5 Million)
2013 - Pacquiao ($18 Million guaranteed) vs Brandon Rios ($3 Million)
2014 - Pacquiao ($25 Million guaranteed) vs Chris Algieri ($1 Million)
2016 - Pacquiao ($4 Million guaranteed) vs Jessie Vargas ($2.8 Million)

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