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Pacquiao vs Horn 2 (early) odds: Don't act surprised

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Although we are probably weeks away from the official announcement, fans are already readying themselves for the rematch between fight legend Manny Pacquiao and newly-crowned WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn.

Given all the drama during of first their fight, look for the rematch to be bigger because it intrigues. We have controversy, bitterness on both sides, the revenge factor and a lot people who want to know if Manny Pacquiao is done and /or if Jeff Horn is for real .

“He [Pacquiao] can make a lot of money (fighting Horn in a rematch),” Arum told the Manila Bulletin. “It’s all up to him and in two weeks I will be coming over (to the Philippines) and discuss with him and his wife Jinkee."

Pacquiao vs Horn 2: Rematch odds
(Per bet 365, Jul 12)

Jeff Horn 7/4
Manny Pacquiao 4/9


You shouldn't be.

Manny was a massive favorite in the first fight as Horn was thought to be a tune-up for a future Pacquiao match-up with Terence Crawford or Mikey Garcia. Today, bettors are giving Horn a better chance but Manny is still a strong favorite.

A successful $100 bet on the champion, Horn, would yield $175 while the same on Pacquiao would generate $44.

So, why aren't the Pacquiao vs Horn 2 odds closer? After all, Jeff won the first fight and all 5 WBO officials backed the judges' decision.

Answer: Bettors are asking themselves this question: "What are the odds of Horn beating Pacquiao TWICE (legitimately or not) in back-to-back contests?"

Moreover, and despite what the WBO says, Manny wins, albeit narrowly, the first fight if it were held in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao vs Horn 2
Rematch News

Date: November or December

Venue: TBD
Location: Brisbane or 
Melbourne, Australia

Braodcast: ESPN

Division: Welterweight
Title: WBO
Champion: Jeff Horn


Bettors are also taking into consideration the vast experience of Pacquiao and his trainer, Freddie Roach. Unlike Klitschko vs Joshua 2, where bettors aren't convinced Wlad can make the necessary adjustments to win, they see Manny / Roach entering the rematch with a better game plan.

Also, unlike Wladimir Klitschko, who lost to Joshua despite being focused and in superb shape, bettors think Manny took Horn lightly and will be in much better form in the return match.

But isn't Manny is over the hill?

It doesn't matter. Horn was not spectacular against Pacquiao. Let's face it, it wasn't Pacquiao vs De La Hoya where one fighter sizzled. Horn is an unusally big welterweight but he's not Mikey Garcia or Terence Crawford.

And don't forget, Manny knows he can hurt Horn badly while Jeff is still unsure he can hurt Manny. That element should not be underestimated.

Bettors are convinced that even a diminished Pacquiao would beat Horn in the return match, and without controversy.

More Pacquiao vs Horn 2 odds, as of July 12.

Jeff Horn 13/8
Manny Pacquiao 1/2

Jeff Horn 7/4
Manny Pacquiao 4/9

Jeff Horn 7/4
Manny Pacquiao 4/9


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