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Pacquiao vs. Bradley: Mystery of the 2012 scorecards solved!

Joseph Herron Updated
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CJ Ross and Duane Ford...115-113, really?



Bad day at the office?

All of the above?

Perhaps a flaw in a widely used Nevada State judging technique...Eureka!!

After almost two years of trying to solve "The Mystery of the Pacquiao/Bradley Scorecards", with no rational answers, fight fans are finally offered a solution by delving into "the mind of a judge"!! (pun intended)

After investigating a 2011 FightSaga.com interview with former veteran NSAC ringside judge Chuck Giampa, the unexplainable is explained.

"A judging technique for generating focus and producing accurate scoring is the mental division of each round into thirds," explains Mr. Chuck "Showtime Blunder" Giampa.

"A fighter might win the first minute, but lose the second, having punched himself out."

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A strong showing in the third minute gives the fighter two out of three divisions, which creates a 10-9 round for the fighter who won two-thirds of the round."

With the flawed and incompetent method of scoring a prizefight, CompuBox statistics show how one could have easily rationalized a Bradley victory on the night in question, June 9th, 2012.

Although Manny out-landed Bradley in ten of the twelve rounds, 253 (Manny) to 159 (Bradley), and had a power punch edge 190 (Manny) to 108 (Bradley), an interesting CompuBox stat brings the "scoring fail" into focus.

Of Pacquiao's 253 punch total, 122 (48%) occurred in the final minute of each round. This should not have an effect on the judges' scorecards because the entire round should be scored as a whole.

But if you apply "genius" Giampa's technique when scoring the first meeting between the two titans, Bradley wins the fight seven rounds to five.

Mystery solved!!

Let's collectively pray as a boxing nation that the NSAC has rectified the scoring trend by April 12th, and Mr. Giampa doesn't come out of retirement to score Bradley vs. Pacquiao II!! Sheesh!!


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